Searching For Services Via Mobile Tech: How To Find What You Need

There”s a lot of attention paid to how to present yourself as a business or company in terms of promotions and marketing, but there”s less emphasis on how to find things if you”re a consumer. So, to a degree, you can reverse engineer the advertising and branding process in order to find the best fit for the things that you looking for.

For example, if you know how to search LinkedIn profiles, look for YouTube product reviews, navigate Amazon reviews, search for online coupons and discounts, and use Google search bar tricks, you can pretty much find the most accurate information on any topic imaginable.

LinkedIn Profiles

On the professional side of things, if you know your way around LinkedIn, it”s the best social profile that presents the distinctly business aspect of different companies. So if you”re looking for an art gallery, for instance, you”ll find the LinkedIn profile for Park West Gallery or another place that fits your bill, and be able to scan the concise information there to see if it”s what you”re looking for specifically.


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YouTube Product Reviews

And say you”re looking for a good pair of headphones. You can search for product reviews for headphones on the YouTube platform, and find hundreds of examples of people going over the different pros and cons of different versions of them, and many of these channels specialize in unboxing videos that take you through a product from the moment you open it until the end of a full range of testing. Reviewers tend to have a much more neutral attitude toward products as opposed to advertisers, which gives you a much more balanced overall presentation.

Amazon Reviews

Another platform to search when looking for specific products is Amazon, and you”ll find that a majority of the reviews on the site are pretty accurate. The star rating system and the way the comments are set up will give you a great public view of how well a certain product is performing. Be aware of fake reviews, but for the most part you can assume they”re legitimate.

Online Coupons and Discounts

By searching for online coupons and discounts before you purchase things, you can save yourself hundreds or potentially even thousands of dollars in the long run on things that you were going to buy anyway. Some sites specialize in finding coupons from everywhere, and other times the stores offer them on their own branding sites.

Google Search Bar Tricks

If you know how to use Google”s search bar tricks, you can avoid scrolling through results that you aren”t interested in as well. By knowing a few simple extra logical keystrokes and phrases, you can focus your searches much more efficiently.

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