Growth Of Indian Online Travel Industry

Based on the research carried by a global research and analytic company it is clearly revealed that the Indian online travel industry is an ideal sector that has tremendous potential for huge growth and prosperity in terms of getting customers worldwide, technological innovation, and more importantly rise in number of aristocratic hotels in major cities and suburbs. As technology and connectivity are evolving there has been a significant growth of the online travel industry, and it is expected that it would not only shape the Indian Economy but also bolster the nation’s progressive development in e-commerce technology.

The key features of the Indian online travelling industry are listed below.


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  1. Although 10% of the hotels are having the facility of online booking in India, the number of people seeking for hotels online and also looking for offers and discounts provided by some coupon websites are certainly high in numbers.
  2. Another astonishing feature is that 41% of the travel gross booking is occurring online and researchers predicted that the Indian online travel industry would grow at a rate of 12% CAGR by the next three years. India”s growth in online travel industry comes second in the global ranking, which is next to China. It is indeed one of the fastest growing industry in India after IT (Information Technology). Besides, employing large number of people, the Indian online travel industry helps in creating global recognition and leadership of the nation.
  3. The growing middle-class people in India are earning enough to afford a trip to many of the famous tourist destination of India, which also seemed to be contributing a lot to the travel industry. Besides, most of the middle-class are well versed in handling e-commerce sites and online payment procedures, and thus could go on with online hotel booking, retrieving coupon codes for discounts and offers, and select and compare packages at all ease and pleasure. Online travel sites like Makemytrip, Yatra, Goibibo, etc., helps these customers in making the best decision regarding holiday packages, hotel bookings and tickets.
  4. The Indian government has initiated schemes of national importance like “Digital India”, “Clean India”, “Make in India” etc., that have further boosted the interest in adopting technology means and innovation to develop the tourism sector in India. In the case of online travel industry, the scheme “Digital India” is playing an important role in bolstering technology that powered user-friendly tourism sites to provide maximum pleasure while exploring and strong security while going through online transaction.
  5. Affiliate marketing conducted by many companies has further boosted the growth of online travel industry in India. There are numerous coupon websites, price comparison websites, and cashback websites that recommend travel companies along with features corresponding to discounts and others. These sites engages huge number of online traffic, which thereby bolsters the growth of online travel and tourism centres.

The online travel industry in India has an outstanding potentiality of establishing itself at the peak of affluent magnificence. It is viable in terms of trade and commerce, and indeed a promising sector that would deliver huge benefits nationwide.

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