Should HR Managers Blog?

There are many reasons to blog: To monetize (and supplement) your income, to build a professional name for yourself, or simply to network or vent about the daily grind. However, for some professionals this can be tricky territory. As a human resources professional, you’re bound by laws, regulations and company stipulations that other people don’t have. Does this mean you have to give up your dreams of having a successful blog?

Not necessarily, but you do need to do a little more research and checks than other bloggers. For example, maybe you want to post about the best payroll software, asking for the recommendations of others. That should be fine, but think twice before posting things like “worst resumes,” even if you black out vital information. That’s the kind of blog that, while truly entertaining, can get you in trouble.


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Rules for HR blogging

As an HR professional, you know (or should know) all the ins and outs of the law, which give you an advantage. However, don’t assume that it’s “just a blog” and will never be found by anyone in the company. Err on the side of caution, and perhaps make your blog anonymous. However, if you want to blog to build your name in the industry, make it extremely professional and drama-free.

Your company might have specific rules against posting online, and blogs may be included under social media rules. Double check your company’s rules and make sure you don’t come anywhere near breaking them. If there comes a time when your job is on the line, a wayward blog from the time you had to fire five people in one day might come back to bite you.

Ideas for topics

It’s easy to go for the low hanging fruit in HR, since you probably have some unbelievable stories. That might build blog followers more quickly, but at what cost? A better idea is to stick with safe topic ideas. This can include hashing over the rules in your state, providing tips for candidates in general (not for your company) and the latest best dress practices for professionals.

You already know how easy it can be to get into trouble, so make sure you heed your own advice and practice common sense. If you really want to play it safe, discuss your ideas to start a personal blog with your manager. With this approach, nobody can say you didn’t get approval.

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