The Portability of Modern Technology

Individual people, professionals, and hobbyists are now free to roam the world at large, graciously happy with how modern technology allows us to be so portable with our interests. If you used to be stuck at a desk doing certain things, that is the case no longer. If you used to have to travel to certain places to use certain equipment, that is the case no longer. Modern technology has made things so small, so collapsible, and so efficient, that the world is an entirely different place than even a generation ago.

Think briefly for a minute about cell phones, physical equipment, how people are using the cloud for computing purposes, and how powerful tablets and laptops are these days. Even those four examples can illustrate how amazing and portable life is today.

Cell Phones

This generation of children will never know an existence where you didn”t have a cell phone in your pocket. However, grandparents and even parents today did not have this universal sense of communication. They had to go to a place to use a phone. But now, all kinds of information and connection exists inside of an item that”s just about as big as your wallet. If you have to connect to the Internet or another person, you can do so wherever in the world there”s a signal.


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Physical Equipment

Modern technology has allowed physical equipment to be constructed in a way to make it more portable as well. Consider the example of buying a portable massage table. All of the components are precision engineered so that the eventual product is small enough, light enough, and convenient enough that you can carry it wherever you want. And that”s just one example of something that a professional now can take with them wherever they want because machine technology has improved its ability to construct and design.

Using the Cloud

And there”s no use trying to get away from the cloud these days. People used to be anchored to a certain area where their computers or hard drives existed. Now, you can use a cloud service and have every single piece of information that you ever need available just a button push away. Plus, all of this information is synchronized across all sorts of devices, which makes portability even more universal.

Tablets and Laptops

Finally, there is the matter of tablets and laptops. Desktops used to have the most powerful processing, and that was what many professionals needed to do the work. However, laptops and tablets are now extremely powerful and efficient, and so even a lot of high-powered creative work is done on them. This means that artists and professionals are now untethered from their desks and still have all of the tools that they need to get the work done wherever they might go.

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