5 Top WordPress Themes for Music Bloggers

It might seem like WordPress has endless themes available, but did you know some of them were designed just for musicians and music bloggers? They took the guesswork out for you, so you don’t need to depend on trial and error or “just” your own judgment to get your music blog up and running. Instead, cherry pick from music-specific themes that were created with users like you in mind.

Here’s a cheat sheet to get started, but don’t be afraid to customize, research and make regular updates on your own.

1. Fontana Powerful Media Music

The name says it all, but this responsively designed theme is retina ready and developed on the Twitter Boostrap framework. It offers an easy user interface, simple yet interesting design, and features ToushSize Layout Builder so you can personalize your blog in detail.

2. Lush Music Band & Musician Theme

This theme is reserved for musicians and bands, which many music bloggers are. However, it’s marketed as a “complete solution” no matter what your role in the industry. Maybe you offer the best virtual sheet music downloads on the planet or you’re the world’s best promoter. It’s all about a beautiful design that’s attractive to indie music lovers and classical fans alike.

3. Music Club

Many bloggers call this the ultimate in WordPress themes for anyone in the radio, band, club, entertainment or general party scene. It boasts a floating player that’s clearly there but doesn’t get in the way and also has a more traditional player, too. You can post events and set up ticket sales easily here.

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4. SoundBlast

A theme that’s geared towards musicians and bands, it makes modification simple and focuses on providing the best listening experience possible. This is a must for bloggers who want to include snippets, videos or live recordings. When that’s your MO, the quality of the listening experience is just as crucial as the other content.

5. Flycase Complete Music Solution

A theme that’s professional yet still simple to use, Flycase can be quickly customized and is mobile ready for every device. Plus, it’s easy to set up and it’s ready instantly for e-commerce. It’s the go-to option for bloggers who are interested in dabbling in retail items, too, and allows for excellent promotion of bands or labels.

There are several more music-heavy themes, and each are worth checking out. Don’t make blogging tougher than it needs to be when the right WordPress theme might be your golden ticket.

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