Great Ways to Reward Your Best Employees

A good company is one where the employees feel happy and appreciated, while its best employees feel the recognition for their efforts and hard work. Sometimes, rewarding the employees can be tricky, especially if you, as the boss or a team leader want something better than discount coupons. Therefore, here is a list of great ways to reward your best employees to show them that you care.

1. Treat them to a lavish day at a spa

Working hard means a lot of stress and going to a spa can help one relax and forget their worries at least for a few hours. So, if you’re looking to show your employees some appreciation, taking them to a luxury spa is a great idea. Whether you opt for massage, manicure, pedicure or sauna, make sure to give them options, so they’ll be able to choose what works for them best. Additionally, don’t hesitate to give them a full day off on that particular day, so they won’t feel pressured to go back to work after getting pampered with essential oils and other personal care products.


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2. Take them out for dinner

This might sound trite to some, but booking a high-end restaurant for a fun evening can help your employees relax and enjoy some interesting new dishes. This can be beneficial for working parents and young interns who usually struggle with preparing meals and organizing their weekly menu. Still, make sure to book a place that serves food that everyone loves, because taking your team to a fish restaurant if they hardly like fish won’t actually have the same effect as treating them to some tasty burgers, so always make sure to check everyone’s dietary preferences before you make a reservation.

3. Physical activities are always fun

Even if you’re not a sporty type, that doesn’t mean that your employees won’t enjoy a fun evening at a bowling alley or a friendly soccer match. Additionally, you can organize a fun weekend outside, where your employees can hike, camp or gather around the fire and talk to each other. You can always go a step further and get them cool shoes here – because if you’re going to take them outside, you also need to make sure that they’re properly equipped to spend some quality time outdoors. Besides hiking and camping, you can also treat them to a yoga class, especially if their job involves a lot of stress and dealing with deadlines.

4. A party is never a bad idea

Maybe you’re not a party person yourself, but it is very likely that at least some of your employees are, so throwing a nice party is a sure way to make them happy and respected. For some extra fun, you can book a rooftop place (if there is one, of course) and hire a band or a DJ, but also, don’t forget to take everyone’s preferences into account, so before organizing anything, you can create a poll where your best employees can voice their opinions regarding the music and food they’d like to have at the party. This will make them feel appreciated, and in order to help them a bit more, it is always best to throw a party a day before the weekend, so they won’t have to go to work feeling hungover and tired.

Final thoughts

A good employer is the one that respects their employees especially when there is too much workload with tight deadlines because working under stress can take a toll on one’s health. Showing employees some compassion and care will make them feel valued which is a great way to have a happy and productive work environment.

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