How Essay Writing Can Improve Your Communication Skills

So you know the feeling: you are a student and you have this amazing life full of action when all of the sudden the fun is interrupted and you are given an essay to write. Of course the first thing that comes into your mind is getting some essay writing help and forgetting about it for a week or so.

We don’t blame you for that. The overload of work in the current educational system is unbelievable and it makes sense to outsource something to professionals in that particular area. But while finding an essay writing service you can trust is a good idea, here is why you should consider writing some of your own assignments.

It helps you structure your thoughts

When you work on an essay, you are basically putting everything you think and know in writing. So even if you know the subject inside out and have an idea of what statement you will reinforce, you still have to choose the most important points and lay them out in a logical order. This is way trickier than you think.

Being a writer once in a while is a great exercise to shorten and prioritize your thoughts. Look deeper into your thinking paradigms and you will discover how your brain works and find many backdoors of how to increase your productivity.


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It improves your persuasive skills

How often do you find yourself in a situation where you want to say something but don’t know how? Are you afraid of public speaking? There’s no better way to get rid of this and become better in delivering your points of view than through constant practice.

Learning to write good quality essays can help you get the message through to various kinds of audiences. How exactly that happens you wonder? It’s easy: when a student writes an essay he or she first has to come up with an idea that the essay will be about and then try to convince his professor that it makes sense. What’s better way to practice communication skills?

It demonstrates what you’ve missed out on in class

In most cases people seek for help writing an essay when they know what they need to support the argument but don’t know where to look for it. It’s practically impossible to deliver a good essay if you missed some parts of the academic work.

So writing an assignment is a great test for your knowledge. You will feel right away if you are confident in the topic or what points you aren’t completely sure about.

It polishes your presentation skills

Communication is not only about choosing the right arguments and wording the statements rightly. Most of it is about presenting your work. So the way you format, proofread and submit your paper plays an important role in its final review score.

When writing an essay, devote as much time to proofreading and studying it as you do to research. And if you have an opportunity to create an info graphics or some kind of visual presentation – jump on it right away. Like this you will:

  1. Summarize what you’ve already learnt working on the project;
  2. Learn how to define key points, findings and messages that should be presented in front of the audience.

It makes you responsible

Last but not least, the whole concept of writing an essay yourself, instead of using a special service for this reason, already deserves a lot of appreciation. Especially in the US and UK where the schools are so demanding. Taking responsibility to deliver your own work is a great feature you should train in yourself at least twice per semester.

Buying an essay is actually a reasonable idea in many cases, since the subjects and topics we have to write on aren’t always interesting to us and worthy the effort. But watch out for the assignments in your preferred topic. Use this opportunity as an exercise to your mind or a stress test for the subject knowledge and you will soon learn that you are no longer scared of giving a presentation or having to deliver a certain argument.

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