Desktop Vs. Laptop: Why The Laptop Is Your Best Choice

When choosing a personal computer, the first step is often deciding between a desktop and a laptop. Laptops used to be less powerful and much more costly than desktops, but that’s no longer the case. Today they areincredibly affordable, much more powerful, and much lighter than they used to be. With the release ofWindows 8, laptopsare available in a myriad of shapes and sizes, some with detachable and touch screens. Desktop computers lack this sort of adaptability. Overall, purchasing a portable computer instead of a clunky desktop is a terrific choice.

With steadily decreasing cost and an increase in power from improvedprocessors and graphics cards, laptops pack huge performance into a small package. What this means is the same computing experience of a desktop can now be obtained in a more portable version. A moderately priced system is now capable of handling state of the art video games, all web browsers, and anything else a typical desktop user might need to do. Even inexpensive devices, like netbooks, are a great choice if light computing, word processing, and web browsing capabilities are all that is required. High-end devices with enhanced NVIDIA and Quadro graphics are perfect for playing the latest graphic-intensive games and watching high definition videos. Ultra high resolution often means you can drive several displays at once.

If you need to compute on the go, laptops are naturally superior to desktops. All new laptops are capable of connecting to wireless networks with awesome Bluetooth 4.0 and Intel Wi-Fi—no need to equip yourself with dongles! Access to the Internet is indispensible if you are always on the go, having to work in coffee shops, restaurants, lobbies, airports, or wherever. A fully charged battery can easily last for several hourswith moderate usage. And while you’re out and about, it’s good to know that most new models are spill-resistant with EasyGuard suites and HDD impact sensors.

Your choice can also become a personal reflection of your style. With some of the latest mobile workstations from Toshiba, you can choose to have different coloured casing. The manufacturer can apply a variety of patterns, or you can easily decorate it yourself. On some, the screen can be detached from the base for use as a tablet. The same can be achieved on models with swiveling screens that can lie over the keyboard and face outwards. Touchscreens are a newer feature that’s quickly becoming a popular choice, especially from higher end manufacturers that have quality and service guarantees. The new Windows 8 operating system (OS)makes extensive use of touch. With Windows 4th generation Intel Core Processors and vPro technology, these workstations are more powerful than ever.

The range of available portable computers is tremendous. From high-end to inexpensive, there is something to fit everyone’s needs and price range.Today you don’t have to sacrifice significant computing performance if you also need complete portability; a laptop computer is now the natural choice for anyone who wants to combine mobility with raw power.

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