Tech And Your Credit: Using Your Phone And Computer For Money Management

Your smartphone is a gift that is always giving. There are endless things that you can do with it, from finding your way across town or the country to knowing the best place to get the best price on gas no matter where you are. Your phone can also help you with your money.

Take some time to look at all of the apps available for your phone, whether you’re an Apple user or an Android user. Both share some apps, while both sometimes have apps that are only available for that particular system. Even your bank or other money institute is likely to have an app on your smartphone.

The Net As Your Source For Credit Repair

Your mobile tech isn’t the only tech you should be using when it comes to fixing your credit and managing your money. If you have bad credit you can get the CreditKarma app to update you on your status and on your credit score. You can also take time on your phone and on your computer to look up articles on credit repair, and tips on spending your money more wisely.

The internet is definitely the place with the answers for anything and everything you’ll ever need information on. And with all of the app options already available, and new ones continually being created, there is literally an app for everything. Check ratings on them before you download!


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Apps To Track Your Spending

If you want to keep better track of the money you have and spend there are apps that can do that for you. Whether you want one that you can attach to your accounts to automatically keep track of your spending or you want one more hands on, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. These apps can help people with spending addictions as well.

You can also have reminders sent to yourself when your credit card bills are due. Check your credit card websites about signing up for notifications when your individual bills are due, or even when your limit gets down to a certain amount. This way you don’t overspend!

These things allow you to clutter your desk with far less things. That, and you should already be doing all of your billing in the green way. Pay online, and get bills emailed to you.This way you don’t need one of those bulky organizers for all of your paper bills, in which you’ve probably lost a bill or two and made a late payment!

If you haven’t upgraded to a smartphone yet (there are some out there), now is the time to get into the tech times and get a phone that can be like your own personal assistant and banker, and keep from managing your money poorly and going into debt.

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