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If you’re a lender who specializes in mortgages, your clients either love you or hate you. If you secure for them what they consider a great loan, you’re their best friend. If you can’t or you’re unable to offer what they think is a fair rate, you’re their worst enemy. You know that you have no control over most things since the market and an individual applicant’s credit history and earnings dictate the numbers. However, that doesn’t help when you’re trying to make a name for yourself in the industry.

A savvy mortgage lender uses every tool at her disposal to engage with clients and optimize brand imaging. Providing free tools and advice, whether it’s a mortgage calculator or tips on how to improve credit scores, can help you make a name for yourself and possibly get referrals and better online reviews. Social media can help you get there, but only if you use it wisely starting with these tips.

1. Separate your business from your online persona a little

Obviously there shouldn’t be a huge disparity between the “professional” you and the social media you, but you should adopt a friendlies and more relaxed tone on social media. This isn’t a platform to get on your high horse and use dry, boring lingo. If customers wanted that, they’d probably just make an appointment. Instead, let your social skills shine here.


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2. Mix up your content

Include photos, videos and infographics along with written content. Studies show that people are more inclined to like and look at an image than they are text and that trend will likely continue. You can create your own infographics or find a plethora of relatable ones already made. Get creative.

3. Put a face to a boring business

Even your best clients will probably admit that mortgage lending is boring at best (and maddening at worst). Don’t expect them to suddenly switch teams and be all about mortgage lending. However, if you inject some humor into the subject and let some insider information slip (like the most outrageous requests lenders get from applicants) that can liven up your social media feed.

4. Choose the right platform

Don’t assume that you have to be on Instagram, Twitter or Google+ just because they’re major. Choose one (or a handful if you like) of platforms, but be careful. Each one requires serious attention and can be a time suck.

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