Serious Blogging Requires Serious Tools:  When You Simply Cannot Think of a Name, Try a Naming Tool!

A blogging name should say it all. If your blog is to work, you need something unique, memorable, and relevant. You can invent one, develop one, or brainstorm one. But, it must also remain unique on domains and networks.

Writing for, Adam Fridman says, “The first thing a customer interacts with is a name, so it has to convey the right message; it has to wow the audience.” Choosing a special yet workable name starts with identifying your audience. The audience represents a marketing demographic with interests related to their age, career, education, gender, location, and more. You need to know if they are country mice or city mice, Baby Boomers or Millennials, conservative or linguistic, and much more.


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If you want your blog to reach your target audience, you must have clarity, appeal, and engagement. Your first-choice ideas may sound cool and inventive to you, but if the audience does not get it, they will not open it.

When You Simply Cannot Think of a Name, Try a Naming Tool!

Naming tools are online name generators that help establish titles and secure domains. Here’s some top blog naming tools in alphabetical order:

  • Domainr likes condensed names. You plug in some targeted keywords, and it delivers a few select options. If the option is already in use, you can make an offer to buy. Domainr will also recommend inventive extensions.
  • Domain Hole starts when you submit your preferred name length and domain extension. The generator produces a list of available and unavailable names. And, it offers a list of recently expired domains.
  • Lean Domain Search runs quickly. It displays the sizable list in color-coded categories. It extends the search to social media to see if it is in use. Users typically enter two or more words to generate combinations. When you hit the one you like, a popup lets you register immediately.
  • Name Mesh is a clever name generator that processes two or three domain keywords to produce a choice name. The generator offers three options: a common sound, a short name, or a fun one. It will also produce the best option for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and those with similar TLDs (Top Level Domains) using co, io, it, and so on.
  • Panabee will merge keywords, swap letters, mix syllables, eliminate vowels, and more for effectiveness. The generator multiplies options by adding extensions like .co, .org, and, .edu. It then routes you to GoDaddy to buy the domain name.
  • Picky Domains does not use algorithms as these other tools do. It relies, instead, on a community of people who suggest names. You pay $50 if you like a suggestion, but the community has a good record of accomplishment for suggesting high ranking names.

Try a naming tool

Sharon Barstow of describes memorable names as “sticky.” “A ‘sticky’ name is one that is easy for customers to remember and attracts attention. In a world where blogging is meaningful, you need serious tools when you simply cannot think of a name.

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