Things You Never Knew About Online Marketing

With each passing year, our businesses become more and more dependent on online marketing. The internet, to some extent, has become the business world. And it”s now a platform that facilitates billions of trades each day.


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That said, there are still some marketing secrets out there that haven”t made it to a wider audience yet. And given the pace at which technology is moving forward, this is hardly surprising.

This post is about all of the things you never knew about marketing your business.

Many Website Visitors Aren”t Ready To Convert – Yet

Most business customers aren”t willing to buy there and then. That”s why going for the hard sell can be counter productive. There simply isn”t any point pressuring a customer to buy immediately when there is nothing in it for them.

The name of the game is patience. With many customers, you need only maintain a relationship from the time that they first show interest.

Keeping in touch can really help. And marketing in a way appropriate for their level of interest is essential. For people who are interested in your product use a search engine marketing company to improve SEO. For customers that are ready to buy, use email marketing and branded search.

Your Online Marketing Spending Can Be Tracked In Fine Detail

One of the great boons of online marketing is how granular are the data. You can track where most people click on a web page. You can track which pages are visited the most. You can even track how often some pages convert into sales or how long somebody stays on a page.

Tools like Kissmetrics and Woopra are in the business of making your website a repository of data. And you can use that to your advantage.

For example, you might want to employ A/B testing to find out which page layouts generate the most sales. Often it”s not possible to know beforehand which type of marketing will be the most effective. So sometimes you have to put it to the test. Sending half of customers to page A and half to page B is an excellent way to do this and to find out which methods work.

Social Media Is Overrated

There are thousands of articles out there on the internet raving about the benefits of social media. But for many, the medium is overrated.

Why? Social media is for the businesses that have something unique and exciting to offer. They”re not for companies that manufacture boxes or deliver coffee machines.

If you”re a business that”s already doing well and is suited for producing content for social media, then use it. But if you”re a business that makes spare parts for coffee machines, don”t bother. People just aren”t interested most of the time.

SEO Is A Long Term Project

Just producing a website and hoping that the masses will come unfortunately won”t work. Getting a high rank on a search engine website is a tall order, and it takes a lot of planning. It takes time and marketing resources to boost your website ranking,s o start thinking about it early.

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