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We have gone digital where we use to have all our important data saved on the electronic devices is the best and easy way to store thing up. However, unfortunately, there are also threat and issues that a number of people use to face all around the world. Data loss or corruption is the most important problem that every person who is using the technology or digital data archives could face. There can be a number of reasons involved in the data loss such as virus attack, drive failure, deliberate delete or any other hacking etc. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the best and reliable recovery software that lets you recover your data from any source where you lost it easily. No matter if, it is your phone, working system or any other removable device as well. All kinds of data such as pictures, documents, audio track, and many other things can be easily recovered by using the file recovery software.

Highlighted features

  • Rapid and deep scans to recover files precisely
  • Cover all kinds of file type and recover from diverse loss conditions
  • Can be used on all the devices portables and data travelers to recover all kinds of files on a large level
  • It mirror the device or drive to make the file recovery easy, quick and accurately
  • You can filter the files through names, type, size and other characteristics as well.
  • The software gets you free lifetime upgrade and technical support


Simple steps to get your data recovered

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard works on three simple steps that will lead you towards the recovery of your data from any source. There is not special or specific skill or knowledge is required to get the data recovered instantly. In fact, you can get it done with just three clicks on the right place. After using the Recovery Wizard you will not have to visit any of the programmer or professional recovery person as you can easily get your data recover on your own. The three steps that are used to recover your data are:


At the first point, you have to launch the software and then simply select the type of file that you want to recover. There are a number of options in the file type you will have, you need to select the specific type so the software can run smoothly and pick up only the required files from the drive.


On the next step, you need to scan the drive or device that carried the files or data but lost now. The software will go through the drive and will pick up the required files out of the trash for you to make it work.


Once the scanning will be over now, you have all the recoverable files details, pick up only the necessary and required files and save them to any other drive in order to avoid the overwriting. The software lets you have all the possible files recovered at a time so you will get the best and ultimate results.

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