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Employers around the world are increasingly turning to social media for recruiting. Individuals seeking business opportunities are also becoming more aware of social media as a tool for securing employment. As a multi-level marketer you can make these trends work for you too.

Though it can be tricky to measure where candidates were sourced, recent studies indicate that social network recruitment is at an all-time high. The majority of major employers are using social networking sites in their hiring policy, either through targeted advertising or by actively seeking suitable candidates on online venues. Almost half of all Fortune 500 companies use social media in their hiring practices.

The most used social networking sites are LinkedIn, followed by Facebook and Twitter. As much as 30% of job seekers use social networks as their primary avenue for job searches.

As an MLM entrepreneur, you have excellent opportunities for finding recruits on social media. Businesses that are already hiring candidates via social networks have said that it saves time compared to traditional methods, and that it is easier to find applicants with suitable skills and personalities.

However, if you are planning to utilize social media recruitment for your MLM business, beware of using your branding heavily in your posts. One of the risks of doing that is you will come across as “salesy” and end up being dismissed by the very people you are trying to reach.


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Another thing to think about with social media and recruiting is the adverse effect that your branding can have on direct responses to your message. It is natural for someone seeing branding to search the internet for more background information on the company, and this is where you could lose a potential contact without ever realizing that they were interested in what you had to offer.

There are 3 principle ways in which potential recruits might be dissuaded and/or sidetracked:

1) While a background search on your company might be beneficial to your credibility, it is also very easy for people to be dissuaded by a single comment or review that talks negatively about the brand and suggests that it is a scam or pyramid scheme. People do have a tendency to hone in on negative commentary online and this can be harmful to your success.

2) In the search for information on your brand, you may also find that people are hooked by another multi-level marketer that is similar to you, which could mean you have lost that potential recruit.

3) When people discover your brand, your marketing effort becomes associated with that of others under the same banner. If they are doing a great job, then this reflects well on you. If they have not mastered social media however, and are doing a poor job of making real connections with real people, then their unfavorable approach will be associated with you.

You can overcome these potential issues, by posting as an individual. Maintain curiosity in your offering by withholding branding, so that people are sure that they are engaging with you, not the company. When you have attracted your potential recruits directly, you then have the opportunity to tell them about your brand or to use your branding in a way that gives you more control. Be sure to remember these tips when it comes to social media and recruiting. Also check Specialist Recruitment Agencies.

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