AnyTrans for Cloud – Manage, Transfer, and Share Files Across Multi-clouds at One Place

Thanks to AnyTrans for Cloud, the end-users can now enjoy a number of facilities that will definitely sweeten their file transferring experience. In addition to safer and speedy transfer, the users are now able to do content management and online file sharing with ease and flexibility. If you are worried about safety and privacy of files, dual protection of Google 256-bit SSL and 2FA encryption can put your anxiety to bed.

File Management across Multiple Clouds On Single Platform

AnyTrans is customized for cloud management by making the most of advanced technology. It enables the users to access multi-cloud accounts and manage the same with just one signup. No need to switch back and forth to combine all cloud accounts together. You can share files on a number of devices including computer, tablet and mobile. It is 100% free.


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Direct & Flexible Content Transfer

AnyTrans enables you to experience an intelligent and effective cloud-to-cloud file transfer at a blistering speed. What is more, you don’t need internet to perform the task. You just need a few clicks to upload and download files between cloud and computer. It is possible to transfer large documents, images and videos to the target destination. The users are able to share files and documents across clouds via social networking sites and emails.

Safe Sharing of Cloud Files & Folders via a Simple Link

AnyTrans provides multiple options for file sharing to match varying needs. It minimizes download times and specifies expired time, thereby enabling the users to enjoy full control over file sharing. You need to use a simple link to share cloud files, images and everything with your friends and acquaintances via email, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and even privately.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and privacy are two major concerns for the users. AnyTrans makes it sure that the users don’t experience trouble while sharing files across multiple clouds. With Google 256-bit encryption and 2FA in place, you don’t need to worry about safety and privacy of whatever you share. In a word, privacy and security are always guaranteed for the users.

Cloud Content Transfer at Lightning Speed

Another great advantage of using AnyTrans is it ensures speedy and flexible cloud transfer. It enables the users to experience automatic cloud-to-cloud migration. What you need is to set a schedule to transfer files and folders to the target cloud with or without network. With AnyTrans, it is convenient to transfer files in no time.

Last but not the least, AnyTrans is a wonderful cloud manager to make it possible for the users to manage Android and iOS devices without experiencing any kind of problem.

File sharing across multiple clouds is often a headache for the users. They need an effective manager to arrange everything for quick and safe file sharing. AnyTrans brings you an effective system for both file sharing and management in different clouds while ensuring that the process is simple, easy, speedy and flexible. Go for it and enjoy the amazing experience!

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