3 Innovative Mobile Games That Show the Platform’s Potential

Mobile gaming has come a very long way. While modern mobile games arguably lack some of the charm that many of the original titles, such as the ever popular and much-loved Snake II, bought to the table, the considerably more powerful hardware that modern mobile developers have to work with means that they are now legitimate gaming platforms capable of offering a genuine gaming experience.

The mobile platform has given rise to entirely new genres of games and reworkings of old ones – see this article on mirrordaily.com as a great example.

The games on this list are those that exemplify everything that mobile gaming should be. From their consumer-friendly pricing models to the exceptionally fun gameplay that they offer, these are mobile games that would make fine additions to any mobile phone.


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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Here is a game that really doesn’t need an introduction. It’s the classic Grand Theft Auto. Many regard it as the best entry in the series and it set new precedents for open world games.

The port is complete and if you are playing on a high-end phone, then the title’s HD textures and impressive draw distance looks great. Remember, this game is 14 years old and it shows in the physics and animations, but none of that detracted from the game 14 years ago and it doesn”t today.

The controls can be awkward. For iOs players, you might want to invest in a gamepad. For Android players, you can connect a PS4 controller to your phone by pairing them with Bluetooth. Not all games support gamepads but San Andreas does, and it plays much better this way.

Deus Ex: The Fall

The first Deus Ex on PC was a groundbreaking game. Its cyberpunk world instantly captured the imagination of gamers and the game has been hailed as one of the most influential of all time. Its cyberpunk world is reminiscent of William Gibson.

Deus Ex is set in a world of human-driven evolution and is an examination of the societal, cultural and political implications of having augmented human beings. Incorporating such deep, thematic, story-driven gameplay isn’t easy, but The Fall pulls it off.

While smaller in scope than its console counterparts, this ambitious title delivers a delightful slice of its engrossing world. Sadly, there is no controller support. The controls work well but will take getting used to for those who don’t play many touchscreen games.

Technically, The Fall is remarkable for its faithful replication of the games console engine. The game is, of course, missing the more intense rendering effects that make the console and PC version’s cyberpunk world really glow, but it has maintained the same palette and design flair, so traversing its world feels as fluid as it has always done.

FFXV: Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV was a hit when it was released for consoles, and later PC. It continued the series’ tradition of providing some of the best JRPG gameplay available and had some extraordinarily beautiful visuals and art design. It featured a revamped approach to the series and trademark combat system. The reaction to this new system was mixed.

This Pocket Edition features a stripped down version of the full game. The game’s main story remains intact. The open world portions have been cut away so that only the main quest, and a smattering of local side quests, remain.

The game’s more cartoonish graphics are enchanting and the touchscreen controls only make the combat system easier to use.

These three games are each shining examples of the possibilities that mobile gaming offers, both to players and to developers looking for new technology to use.

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