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Marketing relies upon social media more so than ever before. This trend is only likely to get stronger as the Internet of Things takes over more aspects of our world. To take advantage of the resultant plethora of information, organizations need to employ analytical tools. Unlike many business applications, social media analytics is not solely governed by the accuracy of its statistics. Accurate reports are essential, but so are meaningful insights.

Customer insights form the basis behind the technological development of social media analytics. Human beings are adept at gauging the patterns of other humans. Mathematical formulas are useful in supporting such efforts. However, social media has grown much too large for a human being workforce to be effective, let alone, competitive. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) begins to take over.

AI is often used as a broad term to describe the interfaces and deep machine learning (ML) capabilities of computer programs. Together, they enable marketing professionals to interact with complex programs for the purpose of drawing meaningful conclusions out of large amounts of data.

How Analytical Solutions Help Business

Social media analytics involves the means and measurements for accurately and appropriately ascertaining the underlying factors that drive online business. It is consumer-centric. Analytical tools are based on artificial intelligence that relies upon machine learning for effectiveness. Together, AI and ML form the basis of social media solutions that can be tapered to any company or product requirement.

What to Look for in Online Analytical Solutions

Employing a social media analytics solutions does not need to overwhelm an organization. There are products and services that can leverage deep machine learning applications with user-friendly interfaces. Companies should look for solutions that can meet the many demands of the online marketplace. Analytical tools also need to be adaptable. Some features every modern tool should possess are listed below:

  • reasonable costs
  • variable functions
  • ability to handle all department users
  • adaptable platform
  • excellent customer support

All of these things must be considered in a fast-paced and ever changing online environment.

How NetBase Outperforms the Competition

NetBase is a social media analytics company. It approaches social media analytics from a variety of angles to help companies best reach their objectives. NetBase market research and product innovation efforts put companies ahead of their competition. Excellence in customer service and public relations ensures ongoing business success. In addition to overall brand health, the specific ways that NetBase advances business goals include:

  • efficient resource allocation for customer acquisition
  • preparedness for real-time crisis management
  • maximum influencer marketing returns
  • robust support for new product launches
  • highly specific analysis for targeted innovation
  • cost effective, top shelf customer care

Achieving excellence in any one of these aspects will advance a business. However, NetBase strives to incorporate all of them in a way that best suits a particular company. This is achieved by closely integrating the technical stuff with the analysis obtained from consumer insights. In this way, NetBase helps companies achieve a synergy between their marketing campaign and R&D departments. The advantages quickly become clear across the board.


Social media analytics tools can be extremely powerful. Implemented effectively, solutions can help businesses precisely target their best potential customers. Furthermore, as deep machine learning applications advance, so too does the competitive edge of using these solutions. The technology represents a way to maximize the benefits of social media. It results in companies better understanding consumer needs.

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