Benefits of CMMS Tools

CMMS or Computerised Maintenance Management Software is the computer software program that has been designed for managing your maintenance schedules effectively and efficiently. CMMS is also referred to as Enterprise Assets Management or EAM. The software automates the task of managing your maintenance tasks and asserts compliance. What are the benefits of using a CMMS Tool? We will analyse the advantages of a CMMS implementation.

What are the Benefits of a CMMS Tool?

The advantages of using a CMMS software can be listed out as outlined here below –


  • Reduction in Downtime: CMMS helps you schedule and perform preventive maintenance. This translates into lesser downtimes. Downtime can be expensive from a revenue point of view as well as the damage to the reputation of the brand.
  • Negligible Paperwork: Since CMMS uses computers and thus reduces the unnecessary paperwork. The software takes care of reports and the progress of the work automatically. There are no missed reports or misplaced papers.
  • Improved Productivity: Lesser downtime would mean better productivity. The tasks are linked to mobile devices. Thus, the ground technician will have instant access to the real-time information. There is no time spent unnecessarily on travel to get the reports and other documentation.
  • Increased Safety: CMMS tool ensures that the preventive maintenance tasks are regularly handled. This would make machines safer to operate. Regular and proper upkeeping of the maintenance schedule will ensure that all safety standards are met.
  • Compliance with standards: CMMS checks up adherence to the regulatory standards. There is no need for maintaining papers and reports. You can generate a report at any given time. This would help in tracing proper compliance to regulations and avoiding unnecessary penalties.
  • Reduced Overtime: If you are using a CMMS software, there would not be any need for emergency maintenance. Since the tool lets, you perform periodically maintenance schedules, the machines work efficiently. This will help you reduce overtime.
  • Improved Accountability: You can check the functioning of the technicians and gauge their efficiency. You can get alerts about the completion of the work.

Some Additional Benefits

  • Improved Training: The CMMS software can help you train the workers selectively. The tool lets you know which worker needs more vigorous training and who has enough skills.
  • Address productivity lags: Proper and clearly monitored maintenance records can help you pinpoint the productivity lags that may be affecting your organization. Wrong scheduling of shift changes, or other causes that bring up slowdowns can easily be addressed with the aid of a CMMS tool.
  • Manage Spare Parts Inventory: A CMMS tool helps the maintenance manager to track the spare parts inventory and decide on the reordering status. This will help in having the spare parts ready when you actually need them. This will translate into saved time during the emergencies or the scheduled preventive maintenances.

The Concluding Thoughts

Of course, the software cannot do the tasks that a human can do effectively.  However, a perfect amalgamation of technology and humans can indeed be a rewarding experience. A CMMS tool does exactly that.

What do you think about the effects of a CMMS tool on your organisation’s functionality? Do share your opinions with us. Come up with your assessment of the tool and its benefits.

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