How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign

The process of creating AdWords on Google is considered as one of the most hectic tasks. Most people have considered achieving this process as a big challenge that one has to approach effectively if he is to become successful in creating it. Given the technical nature of this task, it is necessary that a person comes up with a clearly defined protocol for creating a profitable AdWords campaign on Google.


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The first step which is usually necessary is the use of the AdWords keyword suggestion tools to inspect the rate at which the customers search for the product of interest and hence their demand for the product. This is a very necessary requirement because it would not be possible to come up with a profitable AdWords for a product whose demand is either too low or nonexistent. The above should then be followed by the 4th grade math to certify the keyword certainty. After the math is done, it is necessary that the intelligence of the competitor is tested as this helps in revealing the information that such a competitor knows about the new campaigner.

A powerful unique selling position would then be established to differentiate the campaign from others. The creator of the AdWords should then go ahead and identify an offer that can never be refused and declare it toad value to the campaign. The above is then followed by the design of the Ads which are selective, specific to the tasks assigned and highly compelling. This act is important to ensure that the campaign doesn’t fall at the bottom in the pecking order especially considering the fact that customers are generally attracted by attractive Ads. The following step involves the development of a congruent land page before the establishment of the conversion tracking to keep tabs on the sales generated by the AdWords campaign. The two final steps during the design include the setting of the AdWords using the New Campaign button and maintaining constant adjustments to optimize the AdWords profitability. Below is the picture of a typical AdWords on Google.

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