2018 Dodge Charger The Ultimate Dragster for the Road

The 2018 Dodge Charger continues the tradition of the Dodge family, with brilliant performance and power up front, while still keeping the costs low. The all-new Charger is here to roar with its amazing engines and the amazing interiors and muscle car body structure. Dodge has shown marvelous engineering in their engines, from the 3.6 V6 to the 6.2 Supercharged V8. It has performance written all over it, not only because of the engine, but other mechanical aspects like suspension, brakes, design, etc. You can expect the best of the best from this automotive marvel.


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This Dodge sedan has a lot to offer. The huge 6.2-liter HEMI SRT Hellcat Supercharged Engine which makes out a monstrous 707 horsepower, and a twisting torque of about 650 lb.-ft which propels the Charger from 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. Other engine options include a 3.5-liter V6 with 300 horsepower, a 5.7-liter V8 with 390 horsepower, and a 6.4-liter V8 with 485 horsepower.

Looking at the spec sheet, it indeed seems like Dodge Charger is the holy grail of muscle cars. Well, the challenger gets an even more powerful 808 horsepower “demon” version, but hey, the Charger’s got 4-doors and proper, usable rear seats. It doesn’t get any better than that! The power is put to the road via an intelligent coupling of the engine with the Torqueflite Automatic transmission, a signature product developed by Dodge, which is a fully automatic eight-speed transmission system which plays a game changer. The performance of this masterpiece is, safe to say, class-leading in the production muscle car department.

The All-Wheel Drive technology in the Charger keeps you dynamically stable at high speeds and also decreases the turning diameter of the car. The control is in your hand at all times, thanks to the cutting-edge technology put into the electric power steering system. You can modulate the feel with three different modes: Normal, Comfort and Sports mode. Switching among these modes further fine-tunes the steering system and the components directly related to the dynamics of the car. This Dodge also comes with paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, which shifts you into action in just a few milliseconds with the least effort. With this, you have the authority on upshifts and downshifts of gears with or without assistance from the automatic gearbox. All this adds to the sporty feel of the car.

The exterior of the Dodge Charger perfectly connects the bridge between the retro-urban silhouette and sleek modern style. The stylish grille makes a bold impact on the car’s heritage. The stylish spoiler is worthy of admiration. Some of the other exterior features integrated in the Charger are heated power mirrors, cap less fuel filler door, Rain-sensing Wipers which keeps the windshield dry & clear at all seasons, power sunroof which lets the breeze and light come by and a LED lighting set under which LED fog lamps, LED daytime running lamps, High-Density Discharge headlamps are all in the package. The MSRP starts at just $28,995 for 2018 Dodge Charger which exceeds for the SRT model.

The bold and roaring outside is matched with astounding interiors built to deliver comfort and control. The heated steering wheel gives you a comfortable grip. The temperatures can be controlled via the Remote Vehicle Start. An Aluminum-lithograph panel highlights the cutting-edge technology used in the car. You can fancy a huge 8.4-inch capacitive touchscreen display in its class. The driver information digital cluster will keep you updated of visual performance and necessary data at all times. The easy push start button makes it faster to sit-and-roar in the Dodge Charger. A spacious cabin built to impress integrated with style and technology aligned gives you the best driving experience from a muscle car, thus claims to be the ultimate driving machine.

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