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The thrill of travel! New places, experiences, food, people…. Before leaving on a trip you will probably spend some time deciding on the right outfits. (This may also involve taking pictures, accessorizing, and in general achieving the right “look”). After all, a Roman holiday in Italy isn”t complete without “Roman Holiday”-inspired outfits that will make for amazing Kodak moments in front of a Roman fountain.

Outfits are a cinch. Accessories? Jewelry and scarves travel well, but the perfect hat might best be purchased upon arrival. They tend to not bounce back after being scrunched up in a suitcase for hours at a time. Now all that”s needed is to pack up the bathroom so the exact same beauty routine that achieved the “perfect look” can be done while you”re on vacation.

Right. Not happening unless said traveler is willing to pay an extra $50-$75 to check another piece of luggage, haul it around, and discover upon arrival that 80% of the packed items weren”t necessary. So before you go that far, here are some traveling essentials to keep you looking fabulous and refreshed even when jet lagged and road weary.

Saving face: Moisturize and hydrate! Air travel forces you into dry cabin air that can zap moisture quick. Before takeoff (especially for long flights), wipe your face with a moist towelette and apply your moisturizer of choice. Author Wendy Lewis says: “I regularly fly over the Atlantic from my home in New York and a pack of body wipes is a lifesaver to keep you feeling fresh. Also apply a time-release moisturising cream before you fly (try Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer) to keep your complexion hydrated. And don”t wear heavy makeup that can settle into pores during the flight; apply lightly when you are ready to land.”

Other beauty gurus suggest makeup that has built-in SPF when you travel. Time- and space-saving, this tip will prevent many headaches. Mary Halpern of Beauty PR also preaches the value of sleep and eye cream for long flights. To avoid baggy eyes and to keep that delicate skin hydrated, she always applies eye cream before getting on the plane. Throw in a blanket, eye mask, and restorative sleep to start the next day looking (and feeling) as good as new.

Ready, set, smile!: Running your tongue across just-brushed teeth is a delicious moment every morning and night. Unfortunately, hauling out the toothbrush and toothpaste, you”ll too often discover that potable water to brush those pearly whites isn”t always available when you”re jet setting.

The fix? Mini toothbrushes, a la Colgate Wisps. Throw them in a purse and keep within easy reach to avoid that awful “sweaters on teeth” AND morning breath experience. This will make for a positive start to international adventures and an epic vacation.

Hairapy: Travel is hard on hair. Smashed against a seat, sweaty, distressed in a ponytail or messy bun for hours at a time, and being forced to go without washing … these all make it very challenging to maintain that “I look good” feeling while traveling. But never fear: there are fixes for your hair!

One fix comes in a travel-size can of dry shampoo. On the go, this is a quick way to bring limp locks back to life without a full-on shower. Spritz at the roots to refresh and touch up.

For amazing style while on the go, forget the curling iron, straightener, and even blow dryer. The latest and greatest in hair accessories will ensure picture-perfect hair. Unlike other hair clip-ons, not a soul will know you didn”t roll out of bed or a transcontinental flight with model-worthy locks. Pack light and smart, and still be glamorous.

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