Burn All Regular Video Formats to DVD: Wondershare DVD Creator Makes it Easy!

Many users have complained about spending months of Sundays on choosing a DVD creating tool. However, here we will help to solve your trouble. You can just choose Wondershare DVD Creator when it comes to burning DVD. It can burn any regular video format to DVD in high quality. Even you can burn photo DVD slideshow with background music and effect. Moreover, you will be amazed at its massive DVD menu templates inside.

How to Burn Video to DVD with Wondershare DVD Creator

Wondershare DVD Creator features at its easy and simple interface. You don”t need to obtain any technical knowledge about burning DVD. You will know how to use it with its intuitive interface. Here are the 4 steps.

Step 1: Import video to the application

After download and install the application, just import your video to the DVD creator. There are 2 ways. You can just drag and drop your video to it, or you can click ‘”Import” on the top left of the interface. Also if you want to rearrange your videos, just click the “↑” “↓” button.

Step 2: Edit video (Optional)

The built-in video editor works like a professional tool to let you fully play your talent to personalilze your masterpiece. Just click the pencil icon on the imported video. You will see 4 icons well arranged on the video editing window, Enhance, Trim, WaterMark, Subtitle. You can just click each of the icons to edit your video.

Step 3: Add DVD menu (Optional)

Adding DVD menu isn’t a must for burning DVD. However, it can make your DVD look awesome. Just click the Menu tab on the top of the interface. There are many templates for you to choose from. Also if you want more templates, just click the download tab next to Template. You can download different themes of DVD Menu templates, including life memory, family, nature, holiday. You can personalize background of the DVD, background music and add text to your DVD.

Step 4: Preview and start to burn

After adding DVD menu, just click Preview tab to preview your masterpiece. If everything is fine, just go to the Burn tab. Then you can start to burn your video to DVD. You can burn your video to ISO folder or to DVD disk. Just choose one according to your need.

With Wondershare DVD Creator, you can burn all regular video formats in high quality. You don”t need to worry about the video format compatibility issue. Just drag your files into it and easily burn it to DVD.

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