Six Apps That Will Make You Smarter

How many apps do you have on your phone that are mentally challenging you? Instead of simply playing games in your downtime, there are a range of apps out there that are both fun to use and improve your knowledge, memory and skills.

Here are six apps that can make you smarter.


Looking to eat healthier and learn the values of the food you’re eating? Fooducate allows you to scan items right in the grocery store to evaluate its health contents on a lettering system from A to D. It also helps you find healthier alternatives to scanned items or compare items side-by-side. What makes this different than other food apps? The fact that it can decipher ingredients that may be disguised under another name, like MSGs under the name of plant-based ingredients.



Playster gets all your entertainment in one place, which can really help with clutter on your phone or tablet. It’s an all-inclusive media subscription service that gives you books, audiobooks, movies, music, and games for one bundled price. The best part? All the content is available to you, there’s not restrictions like other services, primarily on the book side of subscription services.



Like to impress your friends with random facts? Then take a look at owl. Each day, get a new fact that will make you the king or queen of your next game night with friends or family. The cool part, these facts are taken from the reddit community, one of the world’s largest community forums.


Think mediation is a bunch of mumbo jumbo? Think again. Studies show that meditating daily can alter your neural networks and improve cognitive skills. Meditation can also help your concentration, memory, and multitasking skills. Buddhify also gives you different meditation sessions, fitting into every situation, including waking up or walking in the city.


TED Talks allows you to hear from industry leaders who have a wealth of knowledge to share. The TED app allows you to make custom playlists and download or stream videos offline. The app is great for long commutes or breaks where you don’t have access to a computer.


Want to get a little more knowledgeable about art and its history? Everyday, you’ll get plenty of a knowledge on a single piece that will make you the residential art connoisseur amongst your friends. Did you know that looking at art can engage your mind, increase blood flow, and help boost your critical thinking skills? It also makes you look super sophisticated.

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