The 4 Main Reasons That Cloud Hosting is the Best Way to Keep a Website Running

Your website can be an incredible tool to increase your business and business relationships, and your web site’s visibility on the net is how you will attract new clients in an ever increasing marketplace. Whether your website’s visibility is built on a customer base, a hook, or great search engine optimization, people will only be able to visit if your site is up and running; and this is where web hosting comes into the equation. If you use a professional cloud hosting company like Umbee Hosting, you can guarantee that your website will not suffer the same disruptions that non cloud hosted web sites suffer. You will no longer have to worry about downtime through maintenance, or server malfunction; your website will be available all if the time. Businesses who understand the demands of the internet are rapidly changing from dedicated servers to cloud hosting; and here are the reasons that they have decided to change.


This cannot be stressed enough when your business is so reliant on the continual access that people will demand to your website. For physical property the mantra has always been “location, location, location”, but in the virtual world, it is “reliability, reliability, reliability”; and there is no more reliable way to introduce your website to the world than through cloud hosting. No longer will you suffer as your dedicated server malfunctions; with a cloud based system another server simply takes over the work, leaving you available to the internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week


Using a cloud based service, there is an incredible amount of flexibility built into the system. If you only need a certain amount of resources, then you simply use that, but if your needs increase you can increase your usage without having to buy a new server. If your demand for resources is large or small, you can adjust it to your particular needs; scaling up or scaling down has never been as efficient as it is with a cloud server, and this is a real blessing for any business that is seasonal..


Something you can forget about is maintaining your server; the truth is that you will never actually see it. In fact, the chances are that if something were to happen to a server you were using, you would be completely unaware of it. Where as a dedicated server would need downtime to maintain or repair, the multiple servers that could be working for you will keep your business running smoothly.


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Cost is an obvious concern to any company, and a cloud hosted business has a huge advantage over one that uses a dedicated server. When you take into account the fact that you will only pay for the resources you use, a cloud system is, again, a particular advantage for companies whose business is seasonal. This on demand type of resource is also a great help for new businesses, as they tend to  only want to pay the for the resources they actually use.

There are occasions when a dedicated server may be a better option, but for any new business, or businesses that are looking towards the future, cloud hosting is surely the best way forward.

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