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Music players in cars are important. Especially in a traffic prone country like India, it’s a must. How many hours could you possible survive in a traffic jam without some background music? If you are the type who can’t stand without a live FM radio channel playing in the background or some soothing music you love; then you should get a car MP3 player. The car company and model isn’t really much important as the standard players are made in specific dimensions to fit all car makes, it’s a standard measurement. We have sorted out some Car MP3 players that are currently being sold in India in greater numbers.

Fun Car USB Player

Just in case you are looking for the least expensive solution, you could check out Fun Car USB Player. This product sells for only Rs. 850 but offers features like those 4 digit priced MP3 players in the market. Fun Car USB Player is a fully functional player that comes with an IR controller for changing to your favorite track from the rear seats. The player takes USB inputs from your flash drives or other memory storage devices. There is a 3.5mm audio jack as well, for AUX input. There are 27 preset radio stations and you can set as you like. The equalizer is feature rich with presets like Rock, Pop, Classic and Jaz etc. Fun Car USB Player comes with 3 years warranty.

VOX Car Stereo Player

The VOX Car Stereo is fully featured with an FM Player and an MP3 player; it also has a USB port and SD card slot for wider variety of music input. No matter wherever you have kept your soundtracks, most of these hardware interfaces are available on the VOX Car Stereo. This player provides an output to the car stereo speakers, 1000 watts max. Depending on the car speaker installation the output could feel as perfect as a surround setup. The blue LED backlight adds more stylish touch to the player’s interface. The buttons are all tactile, and the remote can control all the available features.

iPlay Stereo Car Player Deck

This player has a black frontal part which goes really with any car that has a black dash panel. However, there’s an LCD display as well which displays the music track, track duration and few other icons depicting different functions. The knob controls volume, bass and treble. There is a USB port alongside the SD card slot, so you can basically play music from almost all devices. The iPlay Stereo Car Player Deck offers the option to create a playlist that comes handy to your different moods. If you are not in the mood for music from your MP3 players; just switch over to the radio and enjoy the live shows. The iPlay Stereo Car Deck player has 30 preset memory settings which could save a whole lot of your time. It runs on 12V DC. The player is very reasonable as well, only Rs. 1699.


On practical day to day usage, these players served all purposes pretty all. And above all, the sound quality was pretty much crystal clear on speakers above than the average range. For the budget, these three players are best buys in the market.

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