So You Want to Make an App. Now What?

You want to make an app. I admire your drive, inspiration, and ambition. But I also hate to bring up the fact that 60% of apps that make it to market have never been downloaded once. That’s a disconcerting statistic to get stuck up in one’s craw, especially given the time, money, knowledge, and work it takes to make a really good app. Not to mention the idea. Without a great core idea and business model, your app is more likely to sink than swim. It all makes you wish there were resources out there to make it happen, to fill in the gaps of your own knowledge and experience in a way that you never may be able to through your own efforts.


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Enter IBM PureApplication Solutions for Hybrid Cloud for people just like you. If you are less than an expert on modern application technology, IBM’s ad campaign for their ever-evolving service may seem a little dizzying. Corporate jargon flows like wine, but it is not without strong relevance to the field of consumer app creation and marketing. IBM highlights the disconnect that can happen at several points between inspiration, development, and eventual sale to real breathing customers and their devices. It’s this disconnect that jinxes the 60% of apps I referred to in the above statistic. It can happen at a lot of points, and you don’t want it to happen to you.

So you want a powerful ally, someone to make sure that you don’t leave anything out of your development, design, testing, and marketing implementation. IBM can be that friend in a high place, looking out for your interests and making your future more secure. If you have a great idea but are unsure of the best ways to turn it into an app that people actually use, IBM’s PureApplication is the resource for you. With great customer service and reliable infrastructure, it’s the way to go for the modern app.

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