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Student, learners and teachers use the topic generator tool where pre-determined terms are typed into the search option. The chosen topic should neither be too broad or too narrow, to be connected with an article text. The writer then has to choose the topic that would seem the most persuasive when connected to an article’s text. The ideas and the topic sentences are linked after identifying the association between the key terms. The is user-friendly with straight forward functionality. This is a review of the topic generator and includes those who can use the tool, its purpose and success in achieving the intended purpose of suggesting topics.


Argumentative topics are persuasive as the writer takes a certain position and use evidence in the article or essay to back up their claims. Arguments are made to convince by focusing on a specified position in writing, but then giving reasons to choosing the position makes the argument stronger. The relevance of evidence in argumentative topics is to provide supporting reasons trough use of data or facts. Arguments are more persuasive then when the position is stated accompanied by reasons and evidence, and at other times a writer might use counter arguments to make their case stronger. The topic sentence then needs to be persuasive to achieve the intended purpose.


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The topic sentence should connect with the writing, and the topic generator provides various alternatives. The tool is helpful since it acts as a guide prompting the writer to weigh the options as they identify the ideas and working of the topic. The topic generator tools make it easier to link the ideas with the topic, with the writer then choosing based on relevance, needs and interests. The writer may also modify the topic sentence by looking at the emerging patterns from the search results. This highlights the benefit of the tool for offering suggestions, with the writer then making the final decision on what best represents their ideas and captures relevant information.

The topic generation process focuses on the associative aspects to developing a text with the ideas as a guide, and this then makes it easier to develop the text. Since the topic generation influences the strength of the association, the more accomplished writers are able to organize the writing process with the goal structure in mind. The generator tool produces related subjects, saving the writer the effort of taking time to plan on the most appropriate topic sentence. There is a point of agreement between the article and the topic sentence as the keywords and the idea formulation is connected with the most important points of the article.

The topic generator is successful since it gives various alternatives based on the key terms, and one has to choose from the title s generated. One can share ideas and topics online making it easier for other users of the tool to create their own visual ideas based on the search results. The more people use the tool there are more topic suggestions since they are engaged in topic and idea generation, with the topics then shared among the users. The simplistic functionality of the tool makes it an ideal platform to get ideas on possible topics, as one picks what suits their content.

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