How to study Mathematics for JEE Main 2016 examination

For your career, JEE Main is the most appropriate and satisfying things and it is coming in just a few days time. The preparation of students for JEE Main 2016 is in the 5th gear as exam for the qualifying round will be on 3rd April in almost 16 states of the country. The strong basics in Maths, Chemistry and Physics will really help in opening various options for the candidates in coming future.

CBSE has changed several things regarding this examination as earlier it was called IIT JEE mains exam and now it is called JEE main qualifying round. All the sections acquire an equal weight age and qualifying each section is really important for clearing this round. Therefore every section is very important in every aspect but here we will only talk about Mathematics section because it is one of the scoring sections in this exam. Here are few tips for preparing mathematics section for JEE Main 2016 exam. You can even check JEE Main 2016 Answer Key after the exam and see your performance in this section.


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Guidelines to follow before JEE Mains Exam

  • The basic concepts of every chapter should be understood thoroughly before going for an exam as it will help in solving the question.
  • Learning every formula is must before the exam. Don’t cram the formulas because you can forget it during the exam. So it is recommendable if you go through the derivation part of every formula which will help you in understanding those formulas in a better way.
  • Do keep the list of every formula separately.
  • Application of formulas is very important so practice good amount of questions before exam. More and more practice will let you know about applying the formulas in the questions accurately.
  • Start some of the questions by opening your notes and later on solve them by yourself without looking anywhere.
  • The base can be made strong by looking in the mathematics books of class 9 and 10.
  • Solve the previous year question papers.

How to Solve a Mathematics Question

  • First look at the question carefully and see what is asked in it.
  • The next thing is identifying the concept or formula that can be used in that particular question.
  • Underlying all the concepts used in that question is very important as two concepts from different chapters are also asked in single question.
  • Identify the input values to be used in the given formula or concepts before starting the question and if it is not given then derive it.

Things to keep in mind while attempting Maths section in the Exam

  • Question should be read carefully.
  • The straightforward questions with direct formulas and concept should be solved first as it will give you confidence for solving the latter part of the section.
  • Leave the question in which you are having doubt and solve it in last when you are done with majority of the examination.
  • Double check while marking the final answer as some confusion can cause blunders and it will reflect in your exam.
  • Go through the JEE Main 2016 Answer Key after the exam and analyse your mathematics section carefully.

Time management

  • Time management is very must in every exam because it will decide your final fate in the examination. All the sections should be given equal amount of time in which you can clear the cut off or score the maximum marks.
  • Mathematics section is very scoring and time consuming and that is why it should be given enough time to solve the question. Management of time in this section is very must.
  • The most important questions in every section should be done first with minimum time.

Proper schedule and plan must be followed

  • Make proper time table before the exam and give time to each section daily. So that every section is done regularly.
  • The time table and schedule should be followed properly which will help you before the exam
  • JEE Main 2016 Answer key will try to tell your performance after the exam and much of the result can be analysed by that.
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