ITIN your perfect choice for the easy documenatation

Filing your income tax returns can be quite a cumbersome task. If you are looking for a document preparation for making it easy for you so that you do not miss out on a few important aspects, you may take assistance from companies specialized in preparing those documents for you. We will guide you through the process and the documentation required in the following paragraphs.

ITIN- Your Perfect Choice For Easy Documentation

ITIN W7 Application can indeed be a tougher process. We will make a beginning of how to prepare a document and what supporting testimonials would you need to provide. We assume the tutorial should be helpful enough in making your tax filing an easier option.

What is ITIN?

Well, ITIN is an abbreviated form of Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. It serves as an identifier for your profile while you pay your taxes. It works as a tax processing number.


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The IRS or Internal Revenues Services issues you the ITIN . The ITIN is what you would need if you have no access to obtain the Social Security Number. You would need to have ITIN irrespective of whether you are native US resident or not. In essence, if you are someone who does not have a social security number, or do not qualify for one, you would need to  apply for ITIN.

What Is W7?

If you are looking to apply for the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number or ITIN, you would need to submit the W7 form. You will need to complete the W7 form if you are a nonresident US alien and obliged to pay the federal taxes.

How To Apply For ITIN?

If you are a US nonresident individual, you need to apply for the ITIN. The document prepared for the purpose will involve

  • A completed W7 form
  • The details of taxes to be paid.
  • Proper identification document for the person.

The ID you submit should possess both your identity and your foreign status. The IRS specifies a considerably huge list of documents that can prove the proof of foreign status and identity. You can either use the documents that prove both these aspects separately or opt for a combined document.

You can take help from organizations involved in helping you prepare these documents. IRS does have several third-party designee firms that would assist in document preparation for W7. You may take help from these firms in document preparations you would need. However, please note that the firms are not affiliated with any government agencies and help in achieving the best in document preparation.

In Conclusion

Well, we assume we have been of help in letting you understand the need for acquiring the ITIN and the documentation requirements that this exercise would require. You would indeed be pleased to now that there are efficient firms that specialize in the document preparations and will make your tax filing in the US an easy task. is one of the most popular service providers in this arena. One of the efficient third party designee with IRS, you can indeed trust them.

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