Seven Attributes of a Successful & Productive Workforce

It makes sense that in business, you’ll have more engaged and productive employees when they are committed to their job and the business. Employees will work harder, providing better customer service, and will always outperform those that aren’t engaged with their work. There have been many, many studies to emphasize this too. But what can you do to make sure that your employees are engaged with their jobs and the business? It seems like it will mean a more productive workforce, so it has to be worth looking into.

One shift that businesses or anyone who employs people need to think about is thinking about your team as a whole. Don’t just focus on getting the most out of them at work, but rather, focus on improving their overall health and well-being, both physical and emotional. When your employees are taken care of, they are less likely to be off work sick and are going to be more focused when they’re at work, rather than their mind wondering about things going on in their personal lives. They will be the best employees that they can be.

I mean, it makes complete sense. If you eat a diet that lacks essential vitamins and nutrients, you’ll lack energy and feel run down. The same thing works in the workplace. When your work environment lacks some of these essential ‘vitamins and minerals,’ then it will leave you feeling a lack of energy and feeling generally down trodden. So think what would make you happy to be at work and excited about doing your job. Here are some steps you can take as an employer to ensure a better work environment that takes care of your employees, so you’ll have a more productive and reliable workforce.


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  • Commit to paying a living wage for all employees. It will depend on the kind of business that you’re in, but when the highest up people in the businesses are on high salaries, it can be hard to have a motivated team then they are earning at the poverty line. So think about fair wages for your employees.
  • Again, this will depend on the type and size of the business that you have. But being able to provide an area for your employees to sit, eat, and perhaps even provide them with some healthy options of food, can make all of the difference. If your team are healthy, they will take less time off work and have more energy when they’re there.
  • Offer some kind of employee assistance programme for your workforce. Giving them help with counseling or a confidential phone line that they can call if they have issues in their home life, is a great idea. It isn’t something that you have to know details of, but it shows that you care about your employees overall. And when they are happier, they will be more productive employees. So it really is something worth looking into.
  • Design a workplace that is conducive to what they will be doing. Give them plenty of space for their desks, as well as a relaxing space and comfortable rooms for meetings and collaborations. Having a space that offers privacy is important too, especially if you have team members that are of certain faiths or are nursing mothers.
  • Offer some kind of health assessment or well-being check. This could be something that you set up externally with a company or something you do in-house. It will just depend on the size of your team as to what you can offer. But for those team members that rarely take themselves to the doctor, this will help to identify any underlying health issues that haven’t been dealt with.
  • Create a space for working out in the office. If you have the space to offer an on-site gym, then that can be a really good idea. Again, it all goes to creating a healthy workforce, as well as creating loyalty to you as an employer. If you don’t have the space for that kind of thing at the moment, then look for corporate memberships and see if you can get a good deal for your workforce at a local gym. At least it is there if they want it and do want to take care of their health.
  • Give employees the chance to develop and improve their skills. Incentives to learn, as well as arranging courses for them to attend, shows that you care about them and want to help them to develop. It will help them as employees to enjoy their job more and see a realistic way of working their way up in the business.
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