Why All Business Managers Need To Be Tech Savvy

The people you hire for your business have always been important, regardless of era. But in these modern times, there is something vital that you need when it comes to hiring managers and team leaders – a basic knowledge of technology. The way the modern business world demands it, in fact, and regardless of the other skills and experience your managers can bring to the table, it’s never been more important for them to have tech knowledge than it is today. Here are a few reasons why this is the case – let’s take a closer look.


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First of all, consider the way we communicate in business these days. Whether it’s by email, video call, instant message or VoIP, a basic knowledge of how to use all of these mediums is essential. It’s also important for your managers and team leaders to understand how to communicate on these mediums, too – not just how to use them. Never forget that clear communication is the backbone of every business, and it is vital that your managers are comfortable talking to team members across all channels.

Risk knowledge

Regardless of whether you have an in-house server or are using the cloud when things go wrong, your managers need to know where to turn. They should have instant access to something like an on-site or off-site disaster recovery systems as a service company and have the knowledge to explain what is going on. The importance of speed in their actions is not to be underestimated, as the longer, your company workers are out of action, the more money you will lose – it’s that stark and straightforward.


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New opportunities

Businesses thrive on new ideas, and like it or not, the vast majority of new ideas arise from tech these days. It is vital that your managers and team leaders know their stuff when it comes to new industry trends and the technology behind them. If they don’t’ your company risks missing out on exciting new developments that you can guarantee won’t be missed by your competitors.

Ability to train

Because of the speed which new technology emerges, your managers and team leaders will have to be able to grasp new concepts quickly. It is their knowledge that will help their team members learn how to use new systems and equipment, and also ensure security. And when things go wrong, or someone makes a mistake, your managers must be able to be the helping hand that can solve the problem. We’re not suggesting that your team leaders need to know every little aspect of the technology they use, but they should have a basic idea of how it works and where they need to turn.

Close the generation gap

Finally, there is a slight generation gap developing in the modern workforce. Young workers have grown up with tech at their fingertips, while older, more experienced people have not. But by losing these skilled workers, you will be missing out on a lot of knowledge about your industry. It is vital, then, that any manager you hire is prepared to learn – and keep learning – about essential technology.

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