How Landlords Can Adopt Technology to Improve Their Business

Businesses of all kinds now have to deal with the fact that their target market is increasingly technologically savvy. Not only does this mean that they’re able to easily compare rival”s prices, but in many ways they’re able to become more knowledgeable about the market than other demographic that”s come before them. Tech-savvy house hunters are already changing the real estate industry, and it’s time that landlords learnt how to match them.

Mobile Apps

Everything has gone mobile now. Research suggest that we know spend more time in apps than we do on the mobile web. Smartphone apps are also a crucial part of working on the move. For landlords who have to worry about multiple tenants at a time, having the ability to see information like who hasn’t paid their rent yet, whose submitted a maintenance request, and whether or not your latest occupant has signed their tenancy agreement on the go is a godsend. Most interestingly, apps like Rentr work both ways. Those looking for a new place to live can also easily submit applications, communicate with the owner, and, if you’re feeling, brave negotiate your rent.

The Smart Home

Adopting new technology that benefits your customers is another way of attracting new tenants. Smart thermostats are designed to help users avoid using excess energy. Not only does this help the planet, but it keeps the monthly bills to a minimum and could be an attractive proposition for any potential tenants. The most notable system is the Learning Thermostat from Nest Labs, which Google acquired last year. Not only is the system designed to be more attractive than traditional models, but it will also learn to understand a user”s preferences, and over, time, start to manage the heating of the home without their day-to-day involvement. This means it could notice that you can home from work around a certain time each day, and prepare the home in advance to make sure it’s an adequate temperature.


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Social Media

While it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if you thought that social media was just about looking at cat pictures or seeing what your favourite celebrity ate for breakfast, the reality is that you’d only be seeing part of the picture. Social media platforms are now a crucial tool for businesses all around the world. Not only does it allow you to market to over one billion people, but it also makes it easier to find the kind of clientele that you think would suit your target market thanks to their other listed interests. Getting started can seem daunting, but the most important thing is to get your brand out there and then you can start turning that social media marketing into conversions.

With the wealth of options now available to you, managing your own buy-to-let portfolio has the potential to be easier than ever. Make sure you’re making the most out of what’s out there.

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