5 Tips For Choosing The Right Tech Company To Work For

If you have any sort of technical inclination or training, you”re probably considering trying to mix that with your job of choice. And that means finding the right tech company to work for. Because nowadays it”s not so much about what your company does, it”s how it does it, and how that matches with your personality and your skills.

So, if you have a part in the choosing, and aren”t just looking for whatever company is willing to hire you, look into lists of top companies to work for, build your resume to help with your search, keep continuing education in mind. research the risks of failure within certain companies, and find out how to get a foot in the door though a friend or professional connection.

Read Lists of Top Companies

There are regular lists of top companies to work for that come out all over the internet universe. They”re usually pretty general, and also pretty accurate about the opportunities that you can plan on. If there”s any way to get into the top 100, top 50, or top 25 companies, that”s where you”re going to want to shoot for.

Write Your Resume and Compare To Possible Jobs

Before you start searching for the idea spot, create a great resume. This should be in the classic paper form, as well as in some kind of online format, even if you don”t necessarily publish it publicly. Online presentations in particular will help you get all of your information organized and linked, which gives you an advantage, as well as your potential employer if you choose to link them to it eventually.


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Is There Continuing Education?

Especially when it comes to the tech industry, you want to make sure that you choose a job where continuing education is part of employment. You can”t get so stuck in doing things the way you already know how to (especially in terms of programming or web presence) that you don”t move forward almost on a daily basis. Your tech job should should online education opportunities at every turn.

What Are the Risks of Failure?

New tech companies run the risk of failure, especially if they”re attempting some type of breakthrough technology or application. Decide early on if you want to be part of this process, and how much failure you”re willing to absorb in your quest for the ideal position.

Get a Foot In the Door Through a Friend

If you know a friend that already has a great tech job, ask them how they got there, and if they”re willing to help you get an interview. This is one of the single best ways to shortcut through the vetting process.

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