Settling in Seattle? How to Spot the Best Luxury Condo

Downtown Seattle is the heart that pumps art, culture, and energy in the State of Washington. The serene Eliot Bay beautifully coexists with the majestic skyscrapers and the diverse local scene.

More and more people are making Seattle their permanent home. Seattle ranks 4th in terms of growth among the biggest cities in the United States. The cozy Seattle weather and the world-class coffee adds to its allure and charm.

If you are planning to settle on this side of the West Coast, a luxury condo in downtown Seattle is an excellent home choice. A condominium will provide you the comfort of a fully furnished home without the hassle of maintaining a yard.


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There are several homeownership options because of the booming condo real estate industry in Seattle. The following amenities are non-negotiables when choosing a condo to call home. You will know if a luxury condo is perfect for you if it has the following features.

1. Health and Wellness Centers

Today”s generation is now more conscious of their health. One of the non-negotiable features in a luxury condo are facilities where you can exercise and relax. A fitness center that boasts of modern equipment is excellent for reaching health goals.

After a hard day’s work, a yoga studio is a thoughtful addition to channel your inner chi. Melt your stress away as you stretch and bend towards a calm and peaceful zone.

2. A Place to Entertain and Mingle

If you are a social butterfly, a condo in Downtown Seattle that has a place to entertain guests is a great choice. Whether it is for an intimate, indoor dinner for ten or an outdoor bash for a hundred, a condo must have a space for your shindig.

Amenities like a catering kitchen, outdoor firepits, and an alfresco dining area are convenient additions for a warm get-together with family and friends. Preserve the privacy of your own space by entertaining in one of the designated guest areas.

If you are not the entertaining type, you will still benefit from indoor and outdoor lounges. These relaxing spaces are perfect if what you want is a change of scenery or a place to hold a one-on-one meeting.

3. Pet-Friendly Facilities

According to the US Census, Seattle has more dogs than children. There are now about 153,000 dogs to 107,178 kids. Seattle dog owners put a premium on their furry friend”s well-being, so a condo that provides a space where Fifi or Max can roam and play is a great choice.

Having a pet spa on the premises also ensures that the pets get the same amount of TLC as their humans.

4. A Vibrant Neighborhood

A luxury condo in downtown Seattle must be within arm”s reach of commercial and cultural hubs. Choose one near the Pike Place Market for a gastronomic adventure and some retail therapy.

Nothing beats a condo that is steps away from Elliott Bay, museums, parks, and plazas. Make sure to choose a location that will improve the quality of life.

A luxury condo is a toast to a good life. It is a testament to all the hard work you have put in. Choosing the best one in Downtown Seattle can be a challenging task, so make sure that these amenities are present to help you narrow down your options.

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