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Movavi0With Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac, it is much easier to: capture, record and save clips of any kind of format. The best thing about this application is that after recording a clip of your choice, you can enhance its quality to make it better, remove all the unwanted parts/fragments and save them in any format so as they can be watched from any device.

The application can be easily downloaded and installed for use. With the screen recorder, it is much easier to record and capture: Skype calls, video guides and it also allows you to stream videos. The app comes with an in-built video editing tool which gives it the ability of turning raw recording into masterpiece videos. You can remove any unwanted parts, add music to the clip, enhance the video quality and even join the different parts of the clip using the transitions that come with the app.

The interface is user friendly meaning that anyone can have an easy time using the Movavi Screen Capture on Mac. The procedure of creating videos is much easier. Just stick to the following four steps.


Determine your parameters

To do this, you need to start by setting the required frame rate. For Mac PCs, you can set the frame rate to up to 60 fps. After that, you can them go ahead and make adjustments to your recording area to either capture full screen or a certain area on your screen. With Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac, you can also capture audio recordings from and particular source whether from an audio set, headphones, microphones, Skype calls or even program sounds.  Before beginning the procedure, you also need to capture keyboard and mouse by highlighting the buttons you”ll hit on your keyboard.

Record your screencast

Using the selected hot keys, you can easily manage the entire capturing process to make the procedure a success. As you continue to record, you can still take screenshots without having to interfere with the process. To record successfully, you can time the program to finish capturing even as you take a break.

Edit your videos

After finishing with your recording, you can then concentrate on enhancing the quality of the video. This is just a matter of making the video to look and sound awesome. Part of the editing also involves dividing the video into parts so that it becomes easier to add or remove any unwanted parts from the video. To make the videos sound great, you may decide to add some background music to the video if you wish.

Save the video

After everything is done, the application allows you to save your videos in a convenient format. With the app, you can convert your videos to MP4, MOV, AVI or any other format you consider ideal for your needs. Since the program comes with handy mobile presets, users are at liberty to save the videos in their smartphones, tablets or any other portable device and watch them.

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