Four Ways To Use Technology To Stay Fitness And Health Motivated

Almost everyone has a computer and is on the internet, and many people own smartphones. These things can be used to help keep you motivated when it comes to both health and fitness. The key is to actually use your technology devices to help you stay healthy.

Even if all you have is a computer you can still benefit from a couple ideas, although having a smartphone would be part of the ideal scenario.

Set Up Reminders

You can set up reminders on your smartphone or even on your Google calendar online to remind yourself when it’s time to get out there and get fit. You should do more than just set up reminders though.

Set goals. Why are you working out or tracking what you eat? If it’s just to get healthy then make straight forward goals about how much you want to workout and what types of diet changes you want to make. If it’s for weight loss, write down your reasonable weekly goals.


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Find Fitness Buddies

It’s important to stay active and healthy at any age, and it can be really helpful to find a workout partner. However, that may not be as easy to do as it might sound. You need to find someone with the same schedule and that lives near you.

Have no fear, you can find fitness buddies online. You don’t have to workout together or even live in the same state or country. All you have to do is help hold each other accountable!

Download A Fitness App

Spend some time in the Google store or the iTunes store looking at fitness apps. There are a lot of them. Take a look at what they offer to find what best suites your needs, and look at the reviews so you find one that works.

Apps are a great way to get reminders and get a lot of motivation. You might be able to find some free ones, but even paying for an app is a minor fee that is worth it if you find a well reviewed one to download.

Use An Online Fitness And Food Journal

You can find fitness journals and meal trackers all over the place online. Some of them are better than others, but most of them are free. Sites like MyFitnessPal let you make friends with other people trying to get healthy that are happy to be supportive.

Use the USDA MyPlate page to keep track of your calorie intake and you’ll get more conscious about what you are eating as well.

Technology definitely offers a lot to help people get fit and stay motivated. Take advantage of it and use these tools to help you keep it up once you start working out and working on a healthier you.

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