How to Stay Safe and Secure Online

The internet is perhaps the greatest invention since sliced bread, it is also one of the most dangerous ones. There are constantly people trying to steal your information, tempt your children, or sell you stuff. You must, therefore, keep your computer properly protected with good internet security software. Without it, you will eventually become infected.

Internet security and antivirus are two different things. Internet security is a suite, which means it combines lots of different things, instead of only protecting you from viruses. It will also, for instance, put up a firewall, a popup blocker and more. Did you know that, in 2015, there were an average of 1 million new malware threats every day? It really is obvious, therefore, that there is a need for security suites to be developed that protect computers, networks and systems from the thousands of threats that are there all the time. Luckily, internet security software developers have tried to meet that demand.


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Features of Internet Security Suites

Since 2012, internet security developers have added a number of new and enhanced features to their programs. This includes:

  • Anti-phishing features. These were put in place to make sure that nobody is able to access passwords or other personal details such as their bank accounts. What the feature does is make sure that all passwords and user names are stored. This means that they will need to be entered less frequently, reducing the chance of phishing.
  • Website checks. It is now standard for security packages to check whether or not a site is actually safe. If you want to use the site to carry out a transaction, the security software will make sure that the page is first opened in a safe, secure, protected way.
  • Most importantly, they stop keyloggers from reading the things that you type in, thereby avoiding your details getting stolen. Keyloggers are incredibly dangerous, because they can literally see what you type and use that to steal your details.

After the success of these new features, internet security providers got together and developed even more features to make the entire online experience safer. The newest features, therefore, include:

  • Automatically preventing exploits so that you don’t accidentally enter any malware on your computer. If some does slip through, all its changes can be rolled back, which means the system remains stable at all times. Furthermore, it prevents software files from being executed if they have issues. One particular issue was that software makers would sometimes update and install fixes that actually had malware included in them. Or hackers were able to develop files that look just like the updates, so that the software would let them through. Either way, good internet security now stops that.
  • Battery backup is provided to laptop users, because the program ensures all programs that are not in use are disabled as well.
  • It is compatible with new Windows operating systems.

As you can see, internet security is absolutely vital for you overall internet experience.

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