Tech Tips For Building A Thriving Website

There are a few essential elements every web designer (no matter their level of experience) should find a way to integrate into their website’s layout.  When web users are surfing around, looking for information, there are a few common spaces they look to fulfill.

People want to know what the site is about, who runs the organization, and a few other key factors.  Take a second to read over this summary of the most important elements every web designers should work to integrate into their most important site project.

Contact Us

People need to know that there is an opened line of communication between themselves and the company which with they are working, purchasing or researching.  FAQ pages can be very helpful for answering the bulk of typical questions, but there is no way to foresee every possible inquiry.

The “Contact Us” section of a website should offer a quick and easy way to send in questions and comments to site management.  The best way to achieve this is to create a contact form in which to place individual inquiries.


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About Us

The “About Us” section of a website is critical because it explains in more detail just what the company or individual is all about.  This is the section where designers might list a bit more information pertaining to the company history, team composition, and relevant mission statements.

Let people know what the company’s purpose is in their industry.  If there have been any special recognitions or awards, this is the time to brag and show them off.

Homepage Design

The homepage of any website is the most important element of the whole operation.  People spend less than five seconds determining whether they wish to engage in a webpage or move on to the next relevant site.

There is a very small window in which to grab and maintain a person’s interest, and an effective homepage makes people want to know more.  Use bold colors and large font sizes to draw immediate eye approval.

Blog postings

A successful blog presence is gold for online organizations.  If a business can get individuals engaged and reading their content, then they will quickly build a wider visibility on the web.

Blog postings must be current and frequent.  People lose interest quickly, and blog posts must remind readers of just what they love about the site.


The “Services/Products” section of a website is most important for sites that are seeking some sort of transaction.  If a page is trying to sell a service or product, then it makes sense to create a page that features what exactly the business is offering to the public.

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