Spring Edge Messaging Plugins seeks to ease SMS Integration Pain Points

Spring Edge, a leading Business communications service provider, has launched messaging plug-in Services for E-commerce and other major industries CMS, ERP / CRM Software.

The E-commerce Industry is one of the most progressive sectors of Indian Economy. From its inception, this industry has been evolving rapidly and has got a huge potential. One of the major components of Indian E-commerce industry is the Online B2C E-commerce market that includes online financial services, online retail services, online travel transactions.


Though the E-Commerce industry has been rapidly evolving, but as a whole it has been facing challenges to communicate and notify customers. The Messaging gateway plug-in service is specially designed for software product and e-commerce companies. The SMS gateway plug-in is a Rest API-based service that offers way to interactive communication platform to ERP/CRM product development companies.

The SMS gateway plug-in service is designed keeping in mind various important factors for enterprise customers such as reliability, security, scalability, budgeting and user management.

Spring Edge, on the occasion of the launch mentioned, “SMS gateway plug-in service is created as a result of a great demand in the market. Many E-commerce companies had shown keen interest to integrate SMS services in their products thereby enhancing their customer value proposition. The SMS gateway plug-in service provides the ability to notify and communicate with the customers.”

Osho Garg

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