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Science is a subject that describes the world around us. From the billions of stars in the night sky to the microscopic world of microorganisms, there are a lot of things to learn about and ponder about. However, some of us might find science less than interesting, and in an academic environment, it might sound down right tedious. Therefore, here are a few tips to make learning science engaging and interesting.

Develop an Interest

Studying is hard when you don’t get good grades or lack interest in the subject. But regardless, you need to score good marks to affect your overall result. Therefore, try to develop interest for science in your own way. This could be done by studying with a close friend, or studying while listening to music. Just ensure that the learning experience is pleasant.


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Making Notes

One of the most effective methods to recall what you have read is by making notes during lectures or sessions. This helps you reinforce what you studied and also, is an excellent tool to use for exams. You would be able to understand your handwritten answers better than any other textbook or class notes. And not just science, you can implement this strategy in all subjects including maths NCERT class 8.

Use Charts and Diagrams

When you read a big block of text on any concept or topic, it can be very monotonous and dry. That might make it difficult for you to memorize and recall. Therefore, use charts and diagram to represent information. This can be even more effective when you want to revise and recall a topic. If you have enough time to incorporate the same into your answer script, then you probably have chances of scoring more. In conclusion, these are the tips and tricks you can implement if you want to score better in science.

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