5 Awesome Gardening Apps to Convert Your Backyard into a Gourmets Delight

Has gardening been one of your favorite hobbies lately? Can”t wait to lay your hands on some freshly picked, home-grown vegetables? Whether you”re a novice or an expert gardener, your smart phone can prove to be an invaluable tool to help you cultivate a delicious and thriving garden full of nutritious vegetables and plants. Following is a list of 5 amazing smart phone apps that will help convert your backyard into a foodie”s paradise.

Landscaper”s Companion

Though this app might seem a tad costly, the sheer amount of information packed into this app will bowl you over. Just like the name suggests, this app can prove to be the perfect companion for a landscaper or an avid gardener. Landscaper”s Companion is literally like a gardener”s encyclopedia, with more than 1,400 plants across a series of categories. These categories include shrubs, annuals, perennials, house plants, herbs, and so on. What makes this app even more epic is the fact that the app has over 5,700 beautiful images for visual reference.

Gardening Toolkit

If you’re a gardening enthusiast, Gardening Toolkit is an amazing app that you”re better off having than not. Designed for the average gardener, this app is a total value-for-money app. Armed with over a thousand images, including advice and tips on planting according to season and location, the app is an extremely useful gardening tool. The app will let you know where to grow certain plants in your garden so that they grow well. Furthermore, the app has a nifty “Your Garden” feature that enables you to keep track of what, when, and where you”re growing in your garden, making it easier for you to search for information on a particular plant when needed. Additionally, the app also features a clever to-do list which lets you know when to prune, when to harvest, when to water, when to add fertilizer, and so on.

Vegetable Gardening Guide

Nothing gets better that using freshly picked, home grown vegetables in your meals, which far surpass the quality of vegetables you get at your local grocery store. Whether you”re a novice or an experienced gardener, the Vegetable Gardening Guide is a fantastic app that contains everything that you need to know about growing your own garden full of delicious and nutritious vegetables. Right from a list of tools that you”ll require for your garden, to instructions on how to tend to your garden and care for your plants, to instructions on canning and preserving vegetables, to seasonal information, and much more, this ingenious app has it all. What”s more, it also contains the nutritional value of the vegetables, and some mouth-watering recipes they could be used in! So if you”re up for growing your own delicious veggies and greens, this is the only guide you”ll ever need.

Organic Gardening Magazine

A popular magazine on gardening, the Organic Gardening Magazine has been empowering enthusiastic gardeners with information for nearly 70 years. It shows its readers how to efficiently care about their homes, health, and gardens safely and naturally. This app is a digital version of the magazine, giving users access to gorgeous images and magazine stories such as guide to grow tomatoes, garden design dilemmas, composting, organic gardening, the future of gardening, distinguishing between “good” bugs and “bad” bugs, and much more. Overall this is a handy app that proves to be an incredible source of information for organic gardeners.

Garden Time Planner

Want to know when is the best time to grow and harvest a particular plant or an herb? Wondering when would be a great time to sow and transplant vegetables? If yes, Garden Time Planner is what you need – a simple gardening app packed with some real smart features. Especially if you”re a novice, this app can come in very handy to you. The app creates a natty to-do list based on garden region, and sowing and harvest times, making it easy for users to figure out the ideal time for sowing, transplanting, and harvesting herbs and vegetables. Furthermore, the app also has a comprehensive database full of various plants and herbs, weather tips, and links to some useful how-to gardening videos – perfect.

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