5 Practical Benefits of switching Your Business Phone System from ISDN to VoIP

Over the past few years, the way businesses have communicated with customers and staff has changed dramatically. With lockdown in 2020, things evolved even faster, with more staff working from home. This shift has led to some companies considering moving from ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) services to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Here are 5 practical benefits of switching your business phone system from ISDN to VoIP. 

What is the Difference Between ISDN and VoIP?

As a business, you may be perfectly happy with your ISDN systems, and wonder why you should move over to VoIP. 

The problem is that ISDN systems use the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to complete their connection. This PSTN network is set to be switched off in 2025, which is why you should be migrating to VoIP.

There are a number of options for a PSTN replacement, but VoIP has many advantages that can allow your business to keep pace with changing technology.

VoIP allows you to make and receive calls over the internet. Because modern internet systems use fiber or the mobile network, there is no reliance on the old PSTN network.


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What Are the Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems?

Cloud-based systems such as VoIP can have many advantages to modern business. So, let us take a look at some of the main benefits of VoIP phone systems.

Staff Mobility

With more employees working from home, there is a greater need to provide them with the tools to do their job. VoIP allows any worker access to the business phone number no matter where they are. They are also able to send and receive documents remotely and securely. 

High Reliability

Because VoIP systems live in the cloud, there are many safeguards in place to prevent loss of service. This allows many providers to deliver 99.99% uptime by switching to alternative servers if a problem occurs. 


VoIP plans are often far cheaper than traditional phone systems. Business plans typically offer nationwide coverage that is unlimited for calls, SMS, and video calling. You also have no maintenance costs or loss of business through network failure. 

Reliable Conference Calls and Remote Meetings

If you have used the old ISDN network for conference calls or remote meetings, you will know that there are often problems with connection and quality of service. Because VoIP uses fiber connections, you have a more reliable and stable connection that will make meetings quicker and enable more people to attend. 

VoIP Grows With Your Business

When your business grows, you want to know that the infrastructure will grow with you. VoIP systems allow you to add or remove lines quickly and easily. This will enable you to respond to your business needs without having to wait for additional capacity, or paying for lines you don’t use. 

Final Thoughts

Your business needs a reliable and cost-effective way to move into the modern age of technology. With VoIP, you can use safe and secure systems to maintain your company and communicate with your employees.  With these five practical benefits of switching your business phone system to VoIP, it is clear that this is the best way to future-proof your communications.

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