Be Prepared for Your DMV Driver Test by Taking a Permit Practice Test

Every driver that wants to operate a vehicle in Pennsylvania must obtain a valid learner driving permit. To obtain the learner driving permit, you must first pass the Pennsylvania DMV permit test. It consists of several sections including vision, knowledge and road test. The knowledge test is the part where you will be tested on your knowledge about the traffic signs and driving rules. Studying the manual is vital for passing the exam but it is not sufficient. After reading the manual, you must complete some practice tests so that you are more prepared for the exam. The more prepared you are, the better you will perform at the exam.

You can find many free Pennsylvania permit practice tests on the internet. They have the same layout as the PennDOT permit test and they can be taken entirely online. Some sites will require you to register for an account while others don”t require any registration. The Pennsylvania practice permit test consists of multiple choice questions that use real scenarios. The questions are based on the reports of those who have already taken the test. The sites usually have a large database with lots of sample questions and the questions will be generated randomly when you login. You will become familiar with the score models and know how much scores you get for each correct question. The Pennsylvania DMV driving test have around 20 multiple choice questions and a passing grade of at least 80% is needed. This means that you must not wrong more than 4 questions to get a passing grade.


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The questions will appear in random order of the topics that you have read in the Pennsylvania Drivers Manual. Some of the things you will be tested on are seat belt law, safe driving, recognizing different types of road signs, speed limits, and stop lights. There is no limit on the number of times you can access the free driver practice test. You can practice as many times as you want until you feel confident. You can complete it at your own pace whenever you are free. If you wrong a question, it will tell you why the answer you provided is wrong so that you can study and gain more understanding about it.

You will be able to access the free online practice test via any device that can connect to the internet such as computer, and cellphone. You can print out the test if you want. Many sites also offer motorcycle and CDL practice permit tests apart from the learner”s practice permit test. The motorcycle test is for those who want to apply for a motorcycle license while the CDL test is for commercial drivers who want to be prepared for the CDL exam.

Many people discovered that they can easily pass the actual test when they have done the practice test. You must remember to bring a social security card, proof of your residency in Pennsylania, and ID card on the day you are going to sit for the real test.

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