The Best Apps That Make Life Easier and More Fun

Spend five minutes on the app store and you’ll find hundreds of apps claiming to do nearly anything imaginable. As we all know, some make good on their claims, and others, well, not so much. These days, the app store is so crowded that making a list of the best apps period would be an incredibly daunting task. Some of the best (read: most useful) apps, however, are those that make life easier, and give us a little joy at the same time. So, without further ado here’s a list, though incomplete, of some of the best apps for a simpler life.

Dark Sky

Imagine if you could predict when the rain would begin right where you stand down to the minute. You would be like a god, right? A meteorology magician! The Dark Sky app might just afford you that ability with its help. According to TED Blog, Dark Sky is “startlingly accurate” down to the minute on when the weather will change in your exact location. They quote TED CTO Gavin Hall best, “It’s like a wizard, if this app were available in the 1600’s it would have been burned at the stake for witchcraft.”


Anyone who enjoys getting stuck in traffic can proceed to the next paragraph. For the rest of us, read on. Waze, as you can probably guess now, is an app that helps keep you from getting into traffic jams. Drivers with the app help each other out by sharing real time traffic data, such as locations of accidents, construction, and heavy traffic which create traffic jams so that other users can avoid them.


Pocket would be an excellent app for anyone who enjoys reading articles on their device. Think back to any time you’ve been reading a particularly interesting article say on the train, bus, on lunch at work, or waiting for class to start, and had to stop before you finished reading. Fine, but then you come back and you can’t find it again! Yohana Desta writes in her article that Pocket will allow you to save that article when you get interrupted so you can finish it later. The app works even when you don’t have Wi-Fi, and best of all, it has the ability to sync with all your devices.


The name likely evokes thoughts of the red bar code scanner of a price gun, and RedLaser is that price gun and more. According to Tech Blogger, Yohana Desta, RedLaser is an excellent bargain hunting app, simply scan a barcode for an item in a store and RedLaser finds the price for the item elsewhere, showing you where you can get the best deal. For anyone who routinely shops around for the lowest price, RedLaser is an app well worth the download.


Anyone who has ever lost that one important document is sure to appreciate Shoeboxed. Heralded as an answer to all your prayers, despite a $10 a month subscription fee, Shoeboxed works by allowing you to take a picture of any document and upload it into the app. This allows you to destroy the physical document and not have to worry about losing it later. It’s almost like putting your receipts in an old shoebox, only better.

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