30 Must-have Tools for Designers

A designer’s job is extremely active and demanding. There is always something they have to work on, be it looking for an idea or motivation for their next project, listening to the feedback, going to different meetings or exchanging various ideas with their clienteles. Apart from these, they also have to find time to actually work on the projects assigned to them.


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Furthermore, they have to invest a lot of their time and hard work in coming up with unique ideas and then work even harder to pitch them to the client. If you believe all a designer has to do is just “colour in”, think again.

Although, designing is a tricky profession, the modern technology has made the job a lot easier. There are many software, applications, websites and tools that are essential for a modern day designer. We’ve compiled a list of some amazing tools for designers that will not only simplify their job, but will also assist them in finding the inspiration. With these tools, they would be able to work faster and more efficiently.

Check out the list of the 30 important tools that every designer needs to stay ahead of their competitors.

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