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Nowadays there isn’t much things we cannot do via Internet. Regardless of whether we consider the Internet a source of knowledge or an excuse people use not to do things themselves, we all have to admit – many activities (like shopping, paying bills etc) has become much simpler and more convenient thanks to the Web.

One of the most useful things that the Internet provided us is the ability to easily compare offers – be it prices of the same product in different stores, the different phone subscriptions and so on. Choosing the best offer now takes an hour or so, when before it took days of visiting stores all over the town.Particularly convenient and time-saving is the ability to compare different services. Especially worth mentioning – as it is not as widely-known – is comparing different transport services. It can be a great way to save yourself some money and trouble – especially when it comes to online shopping and shipping items in unconditional sizes.


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Usually when we order something online we don’t think much about how to lover the delivery cost. Sure, we’ll probably choose the best from options that the store is offering but what if we could get an even better deal?Those can be found on online transport marketplaces. It’s a bit like eBay, only for transportation. You can list an item on a website and transport providers registered there can offer you their services. Some online transport marketplaces gives the transport providers the ability to quote on listings – so you can choose the best offer and save money.So when you shop online you don’t have to choose any of the delivery options given by the store, you can select “I’ll pick it up myself” option and hire a transport provider via an online transport marketplace to do it for you! At first it may sound like more work, but it’s just a few more clicks (that can save you a lot of money). When will choosing a transport provider yourself pay off? For example when you are buying especially big items (furniture, a car, a boat etc.) – the shop usually don’t provide with the transport at all or gives you very short list of expensive options. Online transport marketplace will also prove useful when you buy some items abroad. Many of the online stores don’t provide shipping abroad (hiring a transport provider yourself will allow you to solve that problem).Desire to save some money without lowering the quality of the service is not the only profit of using an online transport marketplace. Sometimes it just seems like the only option – there are types of cargo (like mentioned boats for example) that cannot be shipped via courier or regular post. By using an online transport marketplace you can find the right hauler without leaving your house. And even better – you can discuss all the condition directly with the person who will be shipping your load, no middlemen included. Sounds safer than courier.

In the U.S. among the most popular online transport marketplaces you will find companies like Uship or Anyvan. In Europe, among the most popular companies is Clicktrans.The company was founded in Poland but has been successfully operating in other European countries (UK, Spain, Germany) for years now. With the base of 30,000 transport providers, it allows you to find a hauler that’s best suited to your needs. It also allows you to choose the type of service – transport or transport with loading and unloading of your cargo. And if you’d rather transport your cargo all by yourself, visit the company’s blog for useful moving tips about transporting various items.

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