How Office Workers Can Avoid the Temptation of Work Smoke Breaks

Social smokers know just how hard it can be to quit when you”re used to taking smoke breaks at work with colleagues. These can be strong bonding moments, allowing you to catch up with each other”s lives and relax. You might have even developed a sense of camaraderie with your fellow smokers. Unfortunately, this cigarette habit can have disastrous and irreversible effects on your health. Once you decide to quit, you”ll need to find ways to avoid cigarettes at work. Here are four ways that can ease the way.

Inform Your Coworkers

Tell the people in your smoking group that you’re trying to quit cigarettes. Or, tell them that you have already quit. By stating “I quit smoking“, you can instantly put a barrier between anyone smoking and yourself. Otherwise, request that they don’t offer you cigarettes when you’re feeling particularly antsy. You’ll be more likely to kick the habit if you feel accountable to peers. Don’t expect your coworkers to police your habits – they probably won’t smack a cigarette out of your hands if you cave in and purchase a pack. However, they might give you verbal reminders about your commitment to quit. And that might be enough for you to set the cigarette aside.

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Stay Occupied

If you still want to join your colleagues during a smoke break, bring some kind of distraction with you. This is why many quitters take up habits like eating sunflower seeds – it keeps your mouth occupied so that you don”t attempt to smoke. If you”re not keen on sunflower seeds, then bring your morning coffee or tea outside with you and drink it while your coworkers smoke.

Stress Coping

Many of us turn to smoking when we want to relax, especially after a stressful situation. If the grind of work starts getting to you, try to develop new stress coping strategies. Take a 15-minute break and go for a walk. Pick up a healthy snack or do some push ups outside. Do something that will get your mind off the urge to smoke.

Try Vapor

Quitting is an incremental process for many smokers. You can replace cigarettes with an e-cig starter pack, which replaces harmful smoke with vapor. This tool mimics the smoking experience, allowing you to partake in smoke breaks with your colleagues without cigarettes.

Dropping your cigarette habit can seem like an insurmountable task. Ask your coworkers to help you stay on track with your quitting plan, develop new stress coping habits, and try out e-cigarettes. These steps can help lead you to a healthier work life!

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