Symptoms Of A Technology Addiction

In 2017, nearly every man, woman, and child two years old and above have some daily interaction with some form of technology. Since the event of the first radio broadcast during the Christmas of 1906, mankind has been enamored with the thought of how technology could improve our lives.

Along the way, however, there have been many instances where the illusion of improvement was really addiction in disguise. Below are a few ways you can tell whether you use technology to live or live to use technology.

Nervousness Caused By Trying To Cut Back

Over the years, there have been many advances in the tech world. All of them hold the intention of trying to make everyday life a little less stressful and entertaining, if possible. Unfortunately, there are a great deal of us, studies say one in every eight of us, that if asked to lay our tech aside for a few days, may end up in a panic attack.


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Many are slaves to the thought that the world just won’t go on the way it’s supposed to if they can’t check their social media notifications or if they are asked to handwrite a letter instead of using email. If this is you, you may be addicted to using technology.

Ignore Real Life

One of the things that addiction of every kind has in common, is the person involved tends to block out the real world. These days, phubbing is a new word in the dictionary used to describe a problem that has only gotten worse over the years.

Phubbing is a highly disrespectful action caused when someone actually prefers the business they are involved in on their phone over spending time with the people they are with. This part of addiction has been known to separate marriages, keep unwanted distances between parent and child, and ruin first dates.

If you can’t seem to put your cell phone down and hold a decent conversation with the person in front of you, you may have an addiction problem.

You Use Technology As An Escape

Another detail of any addict”s life is the use of a drug, in this case, technology, to escape the problems and stress of life. There are men and women who will defect to the world of online porn as a substitute for the lack of sex in their marriage.

Many teenagers will bury themselves in social media to escape the onslaught of parental authority. Some people would just rather surf the net instead of facing and solving the real-life problems of their own life.

Using anything to escape, whether it’s drugs, alcohol, food, or technology is only ever a temporary fix and can cause mental and physical instability when overused. If you participate in this not so great escape, technology could be your drug of choice.

Technology, like anything else on this planet, has the potential to make life grand, but only if we respect what it’s capable of and learn to use it with wisdom.

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