Best Way To Hack Into Windows 10 Computer If Forgot Password

Windows is an operating system which is very popular all over the world. The latest is Windows 10 which allows you to have the distinctive accounts and locks your account for security purposes. But what if you forget the password of windows 10? Will you have to format your machine?

No, because when you forget your password that is not the end and you need not wipe your hard drive too.  There are a lot of tools which can help you hack into windows 10 locked computer. The password windows 10 can be hacked with the software or even without the software. Following is the procedure given to hack it with software:-

Hack the password of Windows 10 with software

Windows password reset is one of the best tools of removing the lock. This lock works with all the operating systems of Windows i.e. from Windows 2000 to windows 10. The best thing about this tool is that it is very easy to use and even layman can use it. The important features of the windows password reset:-


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  • It is compatible with all versions of the windows.
  • Administer password can also be reset for all the windows servers from server of 2000 to 2016.
  • The new accounts of the administrator can also be created with the windows password reset even without logging in to the windows.
  • It will also allow you to delete your account in windows.
  • It also supports IBM, dell, Hp and much more.

Following are the steps to hack windows 10:-

  • Firstly, download the software and there will be four options in windows password reset – special, raid, ultimate and professional. The software must be accessed where you can easily access it. Then launch it.
  • Then you have to create windows password reset disk. No additional software is needed as windows password reset has covered everything in it.  With the windows password reset you can easily create DVD/CD media or bootable USB. Click on either DVD/CD media or bootable USB for creating DVD/CD media or bootable USB windows password reset disk. For creating windows password reset disk, you have to insert a blank disc, and then click on ‘Begin burning’.

For USB password reset disk, you have to plug USB and click ‘Begin Burning’.

  • Before your plug or insert DVD/CD media or bootable USB windows password reset disk, then you first the computer must be set so as to boot USB or DVD/CD.
  1. Firstly you have to boot your PC. Then press BIOS entry key and hold it.
  2. When you will be in BIOS, click on ‘boot’ tab by using the left and right directional keys. You can find the inserted or connected media.
  3. Then the boot order has to be changed to bootable media which was created with – or + keys.
  4. All the settings can be saved by pressing F10.
  5. Press enter to save and exit the BIOS.
  • Insert USB or DVD/CD reset disk to the computer which is locked.

Confirm that from password reset disk, booting is done.

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