Most Successful Small Business Ideas List in 2018

People may think that starting a business is very difficult and requires a lot of capital to get off. With the help of these ideas, one can start a small scale business that does not require a lot of capital or employees. Just proper skills and a good network of connections. If you have these, the following Small Ideas for business can give you the start that you need to become financially independent.


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Pet care business

We live in an era where almost everyone owns a pet. Looking after them is no easy feat and people are willing to spend a lot of money looking after them. Pet Care has now become one of the fastest growing business in the world. There are a lot of various paths that you can take with this small business. It can be anything simple such as dog walking, looking after them while the owners have gone on vacation. In certain places, you can also find pet spas and hotels where the animals can have one of the best times. Not only is it profitable but you can also run this business from your own home.

Event planning

A small yet popular business idea these days is being an event planner. You may think becoming an event planner is difficult. On the contrary, it is quite easy to enter this field.  Even though it might be simple to enter this industry, there are certain skills that you need to have. Such as organization and planning as well as customer service. though to be considered seriously in this field having experience is a must. You can start off with planning your friend”s wedding, running a small competition, charity events, etc. This way you can build up your portfolio. This is a growing industry, and having more event planners is always a plus.


Another simple way to run a small business that is profitable is blogging. It such a kind of business where you will be killing two birds with one stone. Not only will you be doing something you are passionate about but you will also earn money in the process. You can create blogs about anything you want. If you write something that you are well versed in, that will attract more attention. The higher the traffic or visits to your blog, the more profit you earn. You can advertise on your blogs, add links, etc. Anything that will help you bring in more money.

Resume writing business

Getting a job for any adult is crucial, for which one needs a resume. And developing the best resume is a sure shot of landing an interview for a job that you desire. For those who have a good eye in developing a resume, then this is the job for you. Especially if you have worked in the management positions then writing a resume will give you an insight to what is the best and required in the industry. There are many people willing to pay a lot of money to have the best resume. As long as you have proof and proper results, you can get more clients. There is minimal capitalism that is required to start this business.

Photography business

For those who have a love for cameras and capturing tear-jerking moments, then this is the business for you. Taking aesthetic and pleasing photos has become popular lately. Because of this, many people are taking photography very seriously. If you”ve clicked a photo that is really good, you can sell it for a certain price. To start this business you will need the necessary equipment, proper network and connections, and a portfolio of the work you did in the past. You can dabble into wedding photography, product photography, and headshots. These three being the most profitable ones. It is quite easy and not strenuous.

Food truck business

For all the budding chefs and foodies out there, the food truck business is the way to go. There are many pluses when it comes to this small business idea. It does not cost much, you can open it whenever you to, you can move it to any spot you want to. You can drive this truck to the places that you think are the most profitable and earn a lot of money quickly. In a way, this business acts as a stepping stone for an actual restaurant. You might need to have a few certifications ready in order to start this business.

Tour guiding business

A fun and outgoing small business idea is tour guiding. Not only is it fun, but you get to interact with new people every day. Giving them an insight to the best local spots, packed with significant history and sceneries. This type of business is perfect if you are an extrovert, as you will need to have a lot of interaction with the people around. The startup will mostly be less, as you are just selling your knowledge for a particular amount. For this business, it is best that is done in a popular tourist spot. And slowly with time, the business can become big.

With these epic ideas, becoming financially independent has never been easier.

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